Dec 022012


Two years ago, we took a weekend trip to Lancaster, PA because I had a deep, intense yearning to be near Amish peoples. We found out by accident that Dutch Wonderland* was open for the winter season and even had most of its rides running. I thought this was a really awesome idea and even kind of put me in the Christmas spirit.

*(This is one of the creepiest amusement parks I’ve ever been to and have been dying to get back there.)

There is something really magical about Christmas light-strewn amusement parks, and I’m really glad that Kennywood has gotten in on the action. I didn’t go last year for its inaugural light up, but Chris and Kari said that this year was much better. Obviously because I was in attendance.





My favorite part of the night was when it dawned on Henry that we were staying for the whole night and not just the Ghostwood Estate walk-thru.

“I would have worn something more than just a hoodie!” he hissed through chattering teeth.The 30-degree night punished him for his wardrobe failure and I laughed and laughed, even though I wasn’t wearing much more than him and let me tell you — sitting on rides that hurl you through the air pretty much makes you feel like you’re getting hit in the face with Antarctica.



Even the games had Christmas-themed prizes. Surprisingly, Henry played none. And by “played,” I mean “wasted a week’s worth of food money.”


Cookie decorating!! Chris graciously bought a cookie for Chooch to decorate, so Henry started putting his cash back in his wallet. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, holding out my hand. “I want to decorate a cookie, too!”

And so I was the only adult slathering hearty tufts of frosting on a sugar cookie, and I made sure to tongue-up every last drop of sugary green excess, as well. WASTE NOT WANT NOT.

Or whatever.


Mine was so much better!



He wanted to frown so badly but I think he was afraid his frozen face would crack.


Laughing at something KATELYN said on the train, appropriately renamed Gingerbread Express for the festivities, and let me tell you — it was way better than the regular train. Chooch and I entertained ourselves by pointing out all the mustachioed gingerbread men that looked like Henry.



Laughing Sal, all ready to trim your tree. And by that I do mean “garrote you with her garland.”

  2 Responses to “Kennywood: Holiday Lights, Part 2”

  1. Laughing Sal scares me. Other than that, Kennywood looks magical all done up for Christmas!

  2. These photos are outstanding. You always manage to capture a sinister mood; this is what I love most about them, I think. Besides Henry frowning.

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