Feb 202013


Last Friday, my brother Corey swung by our house before work to gift Chooch and me with a talking Pee Wee doll that his awesome girlfriend Danielle found for us! Chooch was so excited, he had to stay home from school. (Supposedly his “stomach hurt” but I’m pretty sure I was duped.)

Chooch is still pretty stoked about emailing people! He randomly emailed me, Barb, and his brother Blake, asking if we know who Dr. Who. He was quick to spot the typo in Blake’s reply and on went the Spelling Dick hat.


Blake got all defensive and cried, “It was a mistake!” (I imagine he cried, anyhow.)

(Barb replied and said, “Yes, Dr. Who is a TV show. Why do you want to know?” to which Chooch replied, “I know that. I just wanted to know if you knew.” This is how titillating it is to email with a six-year-old.)

And then he went on to write a review for Minecraft, WTF! I didn’t even know he was doing this until he asked for help submitting it because he needed two more words.  It’s just so unreal to me to see how much he’s learned in such a short period of time. Yay for school!

(Janna was so proud when I sent her a picture of this review.)





Snocone or clown weener!?

(I can’t even think about snocones now without immediately reflecting back on the Great Rainbow Flavor Debate at the flea market last year. God, that was such an irritating conversation.)


  • Fruit foraging update! I got new fruit! It’s apparently not ripe though.
  • Trolley Adventures! Henry made me ride the trolley when it was 2 degrees out! My bowling ball toes got frostbitten on the walk to the trolley stop and my compass blew clear out of my hand!
  • Probably something about Henry! Maybe something where he answers questions begrudgingly!
  • Something about how I found out that SOME Wacky Worms have APPLE TUNNELS! Except I guess that’s all I really needed to say about that.

  5 Responses to “Some Kind of a Recap”

  1. Clown wiener!

    I love Chooch’s spelling correction. And that he was reviewing MineCraft. His review is so amazing.

  2. I get excited anytime I see someone mention Doctor Who. It’s my all time favorite show, I watch all of them once a year and it never gets old!

  3. That kid has so much personality that I forget that he’s only six! I welcome him to the ranks of the Grammar PoPo!

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