Mar 052013


My friend Maya (of Jonny Craig-doll fame) makes Grumpy Cats keychain plushies (also full-sized ones!) so I had to buy one for Chooch. I’ll probably get him a full-sized version for his birthday. He’s the youngest cat lady I’ve ever met.


This is what Marcy and I do during the day: she tries to sleep and I constantly fluff and fuss over her and then she psychically devours my soul. I told Henry that the worst part of my day is always when I have to say goodbye to her and he was like “That’s great, Erin.” Which is the same reaction he had today when I told him I could never work more than I already do for extra money and that I just want to make enough and not go above and beyond. What? At least I’m honest.

Anyway, I think Marcy and I are a lot alike in that regard.

P.S. I wrote this on the TROLLEY, thanks a lot Henry!!!

  5 Responses to “This is a post about cats.”

  1. You blogged on the trolley? You’re growing up so fast!

    I am so getting one of those grumpy cats.

    • Even your on-the-fly posts are funny! I used to have a grumpy cat clay figure with creepy buttons for eyes. I think my mom stole it.

      I don’t blame you about wanting to work to live rather than live to work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

      Life is about living, Henry! And about bumming off our hardworking men. (Duh!)

      Sorry, Kendahl. Chrome is effed up and the only way I could comment was to reply to yours. :)

  2. Where can I buy that keychain?

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