Jun 082013

Spent all day downtown at the Arts Festival and now I’m watching horror movies. Good Saturday. Here’s some random photos because no one’s got time to write & read blogs on Saturday, my people.


So this is my new purse.

Chooch’s school had “Fun Day” yesterday and this is what his 8th grade girlfriend wrote on his shirt. Apparently she also had “Kellin Q” written on her face and her friend (Chooch’s other older gf) had “Vic F” on hers so clearly I should be hanging out with them too.

Like most cats, Marcy likes a good pat-down with a doll arm.

Getting ready for the arts festival.
A little confused.

  2 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. That purse freaks me out. Which means it’s perfect. Chooch is already such a ladies man!

    • I couldn’t imagine why so many people were staring at me when we were downtown on Saturday and then I remembered my purse! (At least, I hope that’s why they were staring, lol.)

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