Jun 232013


some gas station god only knows where.

We said peace out to Pittsburgh on Friday for a New England road trip. Our first stop is New Hampshire, so we drove as long as possible and crashed at some hotel in New York.

I got reaallllllly hyper when “Magic” by America came on the radio. This video cuts off right as Henry screamed at me to stop.

There’s not much more to note about the first leg of our drive because Chooch spent most of the time reading in the backseat and Henry and I argued about who hates each other more.

sick curtains, bro

The Cure’s “Charlotte Sometimes” came on the new wave XM station just as we pulled into the sketchy Days Inn, which Henry bartered to get a lower rate—why can’t he do that at flea markets??—and then “Boys Don’t Cry” played as we checked out the next morning, so in spite of having a horrible night’s sleep thanks to my travel companions snoring like basic bears:

…I still took this as a sign that the day was going to be awesome. And I was right, because when we arrived at our friend Alyson Hell’s house in Nashua and gave her the first hugs since 2008, the day only proceeded to get better and better!

(P.S. there was a guy staying in the room next to us who resembled Jonny Craig kind of and Chooch and I both blurted it out at the same time. Henry told us to shut up.)

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