Oct 142013


We are outside of castle blood and my face is green for some reason like the green man in a tunnel. are quest  today was to find a scull,st0ne and a scroll I got the scull henry got the death scroll and Mommy got the stone. my favorite room was the science room and there was some crazy person in it. i don’t want to say anything about when i saw Katelyn.


Terror Town was not scary I told mommy to go in the back she was scared. Laura was in the FRONT I was in the middle. My ears were covered the whole time because there was screaming and the lady that opened the door for when we go in told us that there was real ghost haunting the place that’s what scared me  and this guy called me a chicken nugget and then a pig came over and said ohh a child ghh ghh. HI THIS IS ERIN. I guess it’s my turn to write about  my favorite part of Terror Town, which was definitely when the pushy woman in line behind us didn’t get to go in at the same time as us, because we probably would have been giving her and her kids piggy back rides through the whole thing judging by the way they stood so close to our backs when we were in line. I WAS NOT GOING TO LET THEM GET IN FRONT OF US. I HATE LINE JUMPERS!!!!

now it’s back to me at the end of the haunted house there was this guy in a grave yard and he looked like Freddy Kruger

because his shadow had a hat and was crouched down. When it was over I got a lollypop from this guy.



At the haunted trail at haunted hills hayride .com  OH MOMMY REMINDED ME ABOUT GOD FOR BID JANNA MET US THERE AND MOMMY AND LOURA TOLD ME TO HIDE FROM GOD FOR BID JANNA. the picture shows a sad clown in my FACE. personal space, NOT. when we were in line we  were the first ones in line the lady told us to get in a single file line when we were in the hut there was a cut off real head and told us the rules he said use kind words but I put up the middle finger and he saw what I did. But I was like “oh s**t he saw what I did” And the dumbness begins.


there was a grandma actor she said to me eat this rat tail num num num. And she told everyone else to lick grandfather’s heart but the good thing is that it was in a jar. And she said that she liked ERINS PURSE :tip: everyone says that.

I was so mad because I was wearing my new shoes and it was muddy I was pissed. THEY WERE NEW!!!





  9 Responses to “Chooch Guest Post: Haunted House Recap 10/12-10/13”

  1. Sorry about your shoes, but it looks like you made a pretty good clown friend in that picture. :)

  2. Sounds scary and awesome!!! Great story telling!!

  3. I hate clowns.

    Sorry about your shoes! Oh, btw, I like your mom’s purse, too.

  4. I’m glad you can enjoy haunted houses. I used to. I hope you get to guest blog about all the ones you go to this year. And yeah, I like your mom’s weird purse too.


  5. Dear Riley, Thanks for your comments. As a long time castle guest, I will tell you a secret.
    Critter rarely works on sunday evenings. just sayin

  6. Did Erin or Chooch write this, because I’m sure you two are twins after reading this. JK CHOOCH!! Don’t be mad at me for saying that.

    Actually I’m impressed at the way you articulate your feelings from this experience in writing. Again, like mama like son. (that was a compliment ;))

  7. Um, yeah, that clown is totally invading your personal space. That’s the creepiest part.

    I really like these guest posts.

  8. I think you should’ve at least tasted that rat stew, chooch. I think you hurt grandma’s feelings!

  9. I think I’m the only one that’s scared by your moms purse…I hate eyeballs!
    I’ve never heard the green man story. Youll have to tell me about it the next time I see you.
    And you should come visit me, Vince and of course Dr. Pickles. Miss you!

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