Nov 112013


We roped into Blake into hanging out with us on Saturday so I could get some updated pictures of him and Chooch. We got a late start though and were racing the sunlight, so we decided to get the pictures out of the way first before eating, which wasn’t the greatest plan because we were all fucking hungry and on edge. And the location I picked was muddy and overgrown with jagger bushes, so that was a shit ton of fun, especially when right off the bat I sank down into a mud bog while wearing white TOMS. If Blake hadn’t been there, I probably would have murdered Henry over it. But I was trying to be a good girl!



We wrapped it up within fifteen minutes, which might be a new record as far as me and photo shoots go. I didn’t get a chance to force a sweater on Chooch, so he rejoiced about that.


“Take a picture of me so I’m like blurry,” Chooch demanded.



We made Blake wear Chooch’s second Christofer Drew-inspired hat.


On the way back to the car, Chooch stepped in a huge mud puddle (that place is like a goddamn swamp, and it STINKS too) and wound up with his leg coated in gooey mud all the way up to his knee. Henry was so pissed, so Chooch made sure to say it was Blake’s fault. So then Blake and Henry got to work, trying to scrub Chooch off enough for him to be able to walk in a restaurant afterward because WE WERE FUCKING HUNGRY. Chooch saw this as an opportunity to go buy new shoes, but Henry barked, “I WILL WASH YOUR SHOE.”


We ate a late lunch at Wagner’s in Elizabeth, where Henry shot daggers at Chooch from across the table for being inappropriate and I just laughed as usual.


Chooch declared this “the best day ever” until Blake threatened to throw Bunny out the car window, which resulted in Chooch sobbing to the point where he almost puked. Wouldn’t be the same if a hangout with Blake didn’t end in tears! Brotherly love. <3

  2 Responses to “Blake & Chooch 2013”

  1. They are too cute together. It used to be that they looked identical but I am serious, Chooch is starting to look a lot more like you. They are not as identical this year.

  2. “but Henry barked, “I WILL WASH YOUR SHOE.”

    This. THIS is the one line that has me crying right now.

    In other news, these pictures are fabulous. Like always.

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