Nov 282013


This morning, Henry woke up and resumed all the cooking that he started last night. Meanwhile, I’m catching up on the X Factor (OMG those stupid dancers they insist on using have got to go!!) but it’s really hard to hear over Henry and his persistent mixing of foods in the kitchen. God.

I think only three people are coming over tonight but we have enough food for probably three dozen. WE EVEN MADE HOMEMADE CHEESE! (We=Henry. I got bored and took a bath instead.)

This used to be my least favorite holiday but I’m really starting to like it. Happy Tofurkey Day!!!

  4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Morning Check In”

  1. I LOVE X-Factor! There are some incredibly talented singers this year. But I got really pissed when Khaya Cohen was voted off… her Winehouse-esque voice was incredible.

    Now, I think my favorite – Alex & Sierra. And Jeff Gutt…

    Coach watches it with me… he’s not into the music (he likes that really old country stuff) but he likes listening to Paulina screw up.

    And she screwed up BIG TIME the other nite…. eek!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

    • Me too! I really feel like Khaya’s got a big career ahead of her now though. I mean, One Direction weren’t the winners of THEIR X Factor season, right? I really liked the kid with Tourette’s too, and my inner-grandma loved Tim Olstad, lol.

      I have no idea who’s going to win this. Last season, it seemed obvious from the start that it was going to be that little girl and the country guy to the very end. This season is REALLY unpredictable!

      • Oh yes, Carlos Guerra… man, he had a great voice! It was amazing to see how singing stopped his tics.

        Tim Olstad has a very good voice but he reminds me of a singer from my youth… little Donny Osmond. LOL I can’t get Puppy Love out of my brain when I see Tim sing… not fair to him at all.

        And I think you are right about Khaya… someone record label will pick her up. Cool she won’t be under any contract obligations & free to start her career.

  2. Ungh, deviled eggs. My Thanksgiving was lacking those, and I love them with all my cold, black heart. I probably need to make some, maybe tonight.

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