Jan 182014


Chooch had his first lesson with his punk rock piano teacher this morning and it went really well, actually! We had been trying to find him a teacher for awhile now but no one would respond to us. Then Henry found this girl Cheryl’s ad on Craiglist and she said she’s played in various local punk bands and has a very alternative approach to teaching piano so I knew immediately she was the one.

And she is awesome. Everything I imagined! Plus she’s patient and Chooch seemed very comfortable around her (though he did giggle a lot).

I can’t wait to steal her from Chooch.

She asked him if there were any songs he really wanted to learn to play and he blurted out “Silent Night.” Henry and I looked at each, raising our eyebrows in a “WTF, since when?” manner. Cheryl was just like, “Oh. OK. We can learn that one eventually!”

Anyway, the main focus of today’s inaugural lesson was for her to gauge which style and approach would be best for him, and she said she was surprised at how fast he was picking up the basics (aside from me playing clarinet in middle school, none of us are musically inclined, so Henry and I were just as surprised; I was actually preparing for him to bomb). Apparently, she thinks Chooch has the ability to play music by ear.

I had no clue.


He started fiddling with his keyboard as soon as we came home and then asked, “What is Silent Night, anyway?”

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

*(Bradley Bell plays keyboard in Chiodos, for those who aren’t immersed in the scene.)

  2 Responses to “Budding Bradley Bell*”

  1. You are so awesome to start him early on a path he’s already on.

    And…”Silent Night?” Where did THAT come from?

  2. Seriously though, Silent Night? WTF? That’s the most random thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait to hear him start playing real songs!

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