Mar 082014


I’ve got nothing important to say (like, when do I ever?), but I wanted to post these pictures because it was nice to be outside for a little bit even the weathermen lied and it was definitely not in the 50s. Still, we decided to be nice owners and let our animal burn off some energy before putting him back in his cage.

And then Henry made a friend. I guess her parents haven’t warned her of the dangers of urban lumberjacks.






That hair.

Well, I’m going to peace out because I ate 20 too many birthday cake M&Ms, then used spraypaint in the basement, and now I feel like I might need walk the ol’ fingers down the throat. (#casualbulimic)*

Hope your weekend is just really fucking swell, you guys.

*(FACETIOUSNESS. Though I should hope I’m no one’s role model.)

  3 Responses to “Playground Pictorial”

  1. The dangers of Urban Lumberjacks?! OMG I giggled out loud! Then I looked at the picture again and giggled again! Holy shit, that is awesome.

    Is it just me or do you wish the birthday cake M&M’s tasted more like the birthday cake that has the little sprinkles in it? Or maybe just like frosting? I think that’s what I was hoping for. They’re still good, just not the orgasm in my mouth I was hoping for.

  2. That frown and the urban lumberjack just made me spit french cut green bean crumbs everywhere. TOLHURST as ALWAYS.

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