Jun 112014


Or maybe just sprained. It’s been acting weird since yesterday and my nervous tic is blogging so I have been chewing on my fingers! Ugh. I’m not even sure this will post.

I mean, it’s not like I have a ton that I need to say/type but…compulsion. #blamehenry

Actually, I do have a ton I need to say/type because this is my Internet Diary, wah. I feel like if I had to, I could give up all social media (Facebook would be the easiest) but I think I would have a stroke after the first week of no blog.

Here is a picture of Chooch:


We still haven’t eaten dinner together since I switched to daylight because I keep forgetting we have no family values.

Tomorrow maybe my blog will work long enough for me to write about my brother’s birthday <3.

  One Response to “Blog woes”

  1. That video of you surprising Corey was pretty adorable. I can’t wait to hear about it!

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