Jul 052014


Henry and I are going to Cleveland for the Artifex Pereo show today. They’ve been around since 2009 but parted ways with their singer after their first release, so they never got to tour. Now they have a new singer, a new album, and finally: a tour!  I have been really looking forward to this because Artifex Pereo has bowled me over with their latest release and I predict big things happening for them in the future. So yes, Henry, I need to go see them now while they’re playing at a bowling alley in Cleveland. Thank you for understanding.

(FYI: Those other bands on the bill are no slouches, either.)

Chooch is staying at his aunt Kelly’s and Henry and I are planning on leaving around noon so we can, OMG, walk around Cleveland and pretend like we’re a real life couple, doing couple-y things like driving around aimlessly for parking spots and arguing over where to eat.

And then on Monday, I’m going to see Circa Survive here in Pittsburgh (and I didn’t have to request a half day of PTO at work since I work DAYLIGHT HOURS NOW, what!)  so my soul is basically fucking engorged with joy. I know it seems like no big deal, but I haven’t been to a show since that fucking Jonny Craig shit fest in Allentown last May and I am like, dying over here. Bring me the music and put it in my goddamn ears.

Please enjoy an Artifex Pereo jam, and if it makes your heart feel pretty things like it does mine, considering purchasing their album. Here is a handy link!

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  1. Have a wonderful time! If you have never had The Melt, it is excellent. Cerino’s is a nice local Italian place and Aladdin’s is always good as well. Lots of great restaurants around town.

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