Jul 102014


Throwback to last Friday when my son wasn’t acting like a 2-year-old crack baby who had just been uncaged in front of a bunch of my co-workers and making me want to melt into a puddle of humility. Apologies to you, my work friends. Sigh.

IMG_8166 IMG_8147

We let him experiment with some colored hair gel to see if he wants to dye his hair for real. Henry was all, “I’m not going through the hassle of bleaching his hair just for him to change his mind.” I love that Henry just knows this would be his responsibility.





Contrary to popular belief, this is not actually our house in front of which Chooch is posing.

Ours is a little smaller.


Still collecting my thoughts on the two shows I went to this past week. Hopefully tomorrow I will slap together a muzik post. Maybe you’ll read it. Maybe you won’t. I probably won’t find out. (BUT MAYBE I WILL.)

  3 Responses to “4th of July Poses.”

  1. I love these and they look great in front of that house. Thanks for clarifying that it wasn’t yours ;) I’ll be looking forward to the muzik posts, as always.

  2. I love that haircut on him! With how light his hair is, you could probably just use some Manic Panic without having to bleach it out first. It’s pretty great stuff.

  3. “Contrary to popular belief, this is not actually our house in front of which Chooch is posing.”

    That just cracked me up so bad!

    I love how faintly ominous the sky looks in these pictures as opposed to Riley’s bright shirt.

    I just met a new UPS Man from Pittsburgh. I knew he was even before he told me because he has a STEELERS tattoo on his leg. ;)

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