Aug 252014


Well, you guys. Chooch is home from his first day of third grade and you’d think he’d just worked a 15 hour day on Wallstreet with how EXHAUSTED, IRRITABLE and STRESSED he is.

“I haven’t had a chance to relax ALL DAY!” he wailed when we got out of the car after they picked me up from work. “I JUST WANT TO GO IN THE HOUSE.”

Henry and I just kind of paused and watched him lurch himself dramatically up the driveway and into the house, where he proceeded to lie down in bed for approx. 5 minutes before one of the neighbor kids came to get him and now suddenly he’s Mister Sunshine.

Ugh. Kids.


  3 Responses to “My Overworked Third Grader”

  1. I need that backpack and the shoes to match.

    3rd grade is so hard, I guess. Tell him I’ll trade.

  2. Chooch and I have the same end of day ritual.

  3. This just cracked me up so bad! OH THE DRAMATICS. Being eight is rough.

    And yeah, jeez, WTF, third grade.

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