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Today’s National Cat Day! Kind of bittersweet for me since in the last three years, our cat family has dwindled from 4 to 1.  Marcy was my first cat, and she’s still here. Even at the ripe old age of 17, she still has so much personality and venom in her veins. I asked her to pick out some of her favorite pictures and her response was to carve the letters D-I-E into my face with her eyes alone, so I picked my own favorites.


Some facts about Marcy:

  • I got her in the spring of 1998 from a co-worker at Olan Mills. I volunteered to take her in, even though I was raised by a family who were 100% against cats and were Team Dog4l. I had no idea what I was doing but she quickly took over and sometimes it feels like she was the one taking care of me, in her own sadistic way.
  • She loves Cool Ranch Doritos.
  • She hates everyone but Henry.
  • She held Janna and me hostage on  the couch one time and it was hilarious and horrifying all at once.
  • She hates being pointed at.
  • She bullied our other three cats every chance she got, even though two of them were her own children.
  • She’s named after the band Marcy Playground. (Come on, it was 1998! John Wozniak was a babe!)


She amazingly lets him get away with so much. If I did this, she’d turn me into a cleft palate commercial.

The Sue Sylvester of cats.


Chooch didn’t have the heart to move her, so he was using a mound of stuffed animals as a pillow until I saw this and hooked him up with another pillow.


She’s always been such a huge part of our family. I don’t know what I’m going to do when my time with her expires. :(

  4 Responses to “National Cat Day! Here’s Marcy!”

  1. She’s so pretty. She’s going to live forever, right?

  2. Happy belated Cat Day beautiful Marcy! I know there is a heart of gold under that fluff.

  3. These photos ARE the best ones. So well done as always.

    I did not know some of these fun facts about Marcy. Mostly though, I think you are super awesome for taking her in in the first place. You just went on what you felt was right, and look what happened. The one of Riley refusing to move her–I love this so much. <3

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