Nov 152014

…Or “Chorey” as Henry accidentally portmanteau’d  them earlier.

Today after Chooch’s piano lesson (and a trip to Etna for the best pierogies I’ve had in some time), I met Corey at Jefferson Memorial to help him out with some updated headshots for his real estate business cards. Henry had to go craft shopping with the old ladies at the nearby Pat Catan’s, so he dropped Chooch and me off which turned out to be kind of frustrating because Chooch was straight sugar-rushin’. I thought he had burned through some of his hyperactivity at his piano lesson, where his teacher Cheryl admitted that he’s  actually well-behaved when Henry takes him and agreed that he feeds off my mere presence. She suggested that I sit in a different chair where he couldn’t see me!

Anyway, I’m getting too wordy as usual. I apologize. This post is meant to be just pictures that I want to share, because it’s been awhile since I got some good ones of Chooch and his Uncle Corey. (For someone who claims that they hate having their picture taken, Chooch sure is a fucking master photo-bomber.)




Random flowers on a fresh grave.

IMG_8559  IMG_8545





IMG_8543 IMG_8521 IMG_8516

It was really cold out there in the cemetery, but totally worth it!

  11 Responses to “Chooch & Corey: 2014”

  1. Really, Henry? You get it enough to say “Chorey,” but can’t understand Chronica?

  2. Also, great photos!

  3. They prefer Chiley.

  4. My bad…it is spelled “Ciley.”

  5. I’d totally buy a house from a guy who used the butt shot.

    Seriously. It’s a shame he’s not selling around here since we’re moving in the spring, and I’d force him to make me a special business card.

  6. My absolute favorite is the Thinker Corey with Chooch’s butt photo-bombing.

    But just Chooch, my favorite is the Boob book picture. He’s as mature as I am!

  7. Holy shit, these are outstanding. You caught the light just right to create some depth with the shadows, but not so much that the subjects are lost. I love the one of Riley with his cheeks all flushed from the sugar rush, but my favorite is the one of him with the book. The look on his face and the out of focus background!!

    Beautiful. I’m hiring you one day for Reign of Fire liner notes pictures.

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