Apr 292015


The “I Hate Every Single Fucker In This Line Right Now Why Can’t You Make Some Damn Friends So I Don’t Have to See Circa Survive 8 Times A Year I Need a Fat Sausage To Plug My Food Hole Hey There’s ANTHONY GREEN OMG!!!” shot. 


The “All Of These Chon Songs Sound Exactly the Same So I’m Just Gonna Stand Here and Pin Recipes How Are People Dancing To This?!” shot. 


The “I’m Secretly Singing Along To Every Circa Song In My Head OMG ARE THOSE TWO GIRLS MAKING OUT OVER THERE????” shot. 

  5 Responses to “Henry Bombs: Circa Survive Edition”

  1. His haircut looks nice, but I miss the top knot.

  2. That first one! IT’S GOLDEN! The look on his face is PERFECT. “Hey there’s Anthony Green” TOLHURST SO BAD.

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