Jan 252008
  • Oversized overalls from Avalon
  • Deep purple pager
  • ‘Sophisticated’ dinners at Houlihans; coffee & dessert
  • Windowsill revamped with ceramic paint
  • Sneaking phone calls to forbidden exes
  • Lisa’s jeep overstuffed & oversteeped with joie de vivre
  • Puffapalooza ringer tee
  • The Substitute
  • Kissing a recovering drug addict;
  • Laughing because he’s short
  • Evan & Aaron
  • Caesar salads

Sickly sweet.

  11 Responses to “Of Champagne”

  1. awl. this is sweet,

  2. you’re adorable

  3. What a great idea! You have inspired me, but I have no Canteen to smell before writing. So I’ll have to go on memory alone.

    • You should defintely do it! It was fun. Janna came over yesterday and when she caught a whiff of the Champagne, she was like, “Oh my god, that really does bring back a lot of memories!”

      Scents and music, every time!

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