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So this one was strange… We thought “Oh… This will be just some ordinary haunted house like every other one.” But this one differed from the rest, you ready? Okay I don’t care if you’re not ready or not. Okay so you are ready? Good! Well we had to wait IN LIKE 5 DIFFERENT LINES. But guess what it wasn’t really worth it (it kind of was) because it was super short but it was also really cool. So if i hadn’t mentioned we went with Haley and Blake. Fun Fact: Haley scared of clowns. Okay so the lines were the worst but when we finally got in to the freaking haunted house there was these guy who is very creepy because he is very happy. So apparently he was supposed to be a teacher and he was telling us about what is happening so the first part we entered was a classroom of course and there was a lady who was creaming and saying “Who took my chalk?” and “Did you take my chalk?” Then when we confessed and all said “No.” and then left, some “Student” screamed at the top of her lungs and I passed out. (lie)



Then there was a clown room and Haley told me not to do anything like say she’s afraid of clowns. And  I said I wasn’t, and I didn’t. Then there was a gorilla that scared us and Haley said “AHHHH Harambe!” (Pronounced – Hair- Om- Bay) Hint: She said it wrong. And I mocked her. So those were all of the Important parts of Crawford Haunted School!

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Shadows Haunted Trail:

So there were no pictures for this one so just IMAGINE! So daddy was too scared to come with us so it was just me and mommy going. We didn’t wait long we went in basically right away because there was no line. So there was like an empty spot for like a 1/4 of a mile, so the first one was some like graveyard thingy and the scare people were like really young, like 20 something, and they were nice they said “Boo, So was there a long line? No well it’s not a very crowded day. Oh, Close the door please. Thanks!” so then there was this empty space yet again. The next part was creepy there was “one” girl” in the middle of strobe lights so she disappeared every second, then in the darkness of the strobe appeared another girl from behind her and they said “Chase me!” so we did and they jump-scared us (mommy keeps saying I had a crush on them, I DIDN’T) they were like 12 or 13 I think, maybe 15. Then we caught up to them and they were standing around a fire and then we tried to leave but they blocked us and said “Where are you going?” and i tried to run and they screamed at the top of their lungs.

The next part made mommy scream so loud that it scared the guy who scared us. He said “You made my heart race, you scared me!”  The next part was some Jason part and when we got we ran because we thought Jason was going to scare us but no. No Jason to be found. Then there was this guy who followed us and said “I don’t leave food behind, kinda like how you wouldn’t leave Chicken McNuggets behind at McDonalds. Then he said I don’t eat children I eat about 22-ish people like you. And he looked at Mommy. She said “Awwww thank you! I’m actually 37.” and he said “I try to be as politically correct as possible.

So that was the Shadows Haunted Trail.

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  1. W00D5 Good recap Riley!

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