Nov 082016

It was so awesome seeing all of the pictures and check-ins from my friends who voted today. But at the same time, it was driving me nuts because I didn’t vote before work like I wanted to, because Chooch, the future politician, threw a fit because he was going to be at his grandma’s, so he made me promise I’d wait until work so he could go too.

So we all went together when I got home and it was kind of amazing that he was so interested! Plus, he was excited because the ancient poll ladies gave him a Kit Kat.

We capped off our voting sesh with Mexican dinner at Bea Taco Town. #tacotrucksoneverycorner y’all. And Chooch drew this on my phone:

I guess it’s Trump being anti-handicapped and -Mexican, and obviously the wall.

What a fucking nail biter of a night, guys. I probably should have been liveblogging all of Chooch’s election observations, like when he went on a Wallstreet tear and started mocking Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty, but I’m so distracted & dying slowly!

I think I have to go to bed now. I mean, after I take a swig of brandy and then punch myself in the face.

Stay strong, guys. <3

  2 Responses to “Fragile state. ”

  1. I going to barf.

  2. I took Ny-quil a while ago. Mostly comfortably numb right now….

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