Apr 052017

I needed something mindless to do before bed, so a train-of-thought blog post, it is! 

It’s been A Day, to say the least. But I made it through without cracking any gin bottles over my head, somehow. And now it’s over and we’re halfway done with the week! Together, we can do it!

But first, let’s unwind with some old-school BIGBANG with G-Dragon looking perfect as usual:

Whenever I’m feeling really overwhelmed, I think to myself, “What would G-Dragon do?” and then I realize the answer is probably is in Korean so it’s a good thing I’m learning. (I can read some of his hashtags now on Instagram!!)

Speaking of learning Korean, I was watching a YouTube video about what goes into choosing Korean names and how there are actually naming centers where names can be bought. So I was imaging how wonderful it would be to have my own Korean name. I told Glenn at work that the other day that I could have one chosen for me based on my personality. 

“So it could be—”

“Weirdo?” Glenn cut me off just as I was saying, “Beautiful Unicorn.”

I actually did learn that “weirdo” is 이상한 사람 and is NOT NICE. 

I want to go rollerskating this weekend, and I want Henry to plant flowers in the front yard, and I want to have penpals again.

The cats go on the back porch now. It’s whatever. My plants will be dead soon. 

The other night, I couldn’t sleep because I accidentally imagined Henry at his high school prom, requesting some random Captain & Tenille banger so then I couldn’t stop uproariously laughing, like full-blown belly laughs, until henry told me to go fuck myself and fell asleep, which I continued to flounder in that frustrating state of manic giddiness. ALL ALONE. 

It’s all fun and games until I laugh myself to death (which Henry might have a hand in).

I found this old picture of my friend Shawn and I drinking WINE COOLERS in 1998 because we were SO COOL. Some things to note: 

  • that was one of my favorite shirts in the whole world and I only recently parted ways with it because it had a hole in it and you know, it was 20 years old, so. 
  • I still have that same birdhouse hanging up next to my front door, only it’s super battered now from all the times it’s fallen. It actually used to be on the windowsill for years and that was how Kara knew which house was mine, until I moved it onto the wall and then she had to guess which house was mine based on the amount of garbage in the front yard. #brookline
  • I don’t wear purple eyeshadow HARDLY AT ALL these days. Gold has been my signature color for the last five years
  • I might wear my hair like that tomorrow. 
  • I have a vague recollection of this night and I think that things got REALLY AWKWARD when my neighbor Abdul came over later and wouldn’t leave. 

Now in addition to doing my hair like that tomorrow, I also really want to have a throwback party with winecoolers. Are you in or are you way too cool for such corny celebrations. 

I just suddenly got a craving for apple juice though so maybe this party will have juice boxes instead. We can throw it all the way back to kindergarten. 


And now, a riddle from Chooch:  What’s brown, has a head, a tail, but no legs? (Answer in the comments.)

[Ed.note: I guessed a snake, which I feel like could be a legit answer but Chooch says no.]


  4 Responses to “frazzled freeform ”

  1. A penny

  2. A penny?

    Also its funny that we have been friends for so long and I have been to your house many times, but I still look for that birdhouse in your window. Its an anxiety thing. Like, what if I all of a sudden walk into the wrong house, at the wrong time, on the wrong day?! Im getting cold sweats just thinking about it!

    • I was probably posting the answer for Chooch at the same you were leaving yours!

      We gotta hang out soon. Can you believe the PIE PARTY was the last time we saw each other?! How is that even possible??

  3. I swear Chooch’s comment wasn’t there when I made my comment!

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