Apr 092017

Here are pictures of my cats, which I only took because I wanted to practice the Korean hashtags I learned this weekend.  Conjugating verbs < Internet lingo. 


Penelope has spent most of the day sleeping in my closet. How boring. This was right after I woke her up so I could take a picture so that this post wouldn’t look like I was favoring Chooch’s dumb cat Drew. 

In other news:

  • Henry has nearly finished painting a magnificant table for the back porch, which will be used for the record player. One night last week he was supposed to be in the basement painting it but really he was in the driveway talking to HNC, so chooch and I were trying to spy on them until HNC’s wife-thing came flying out of the house screaming about how she was going to fucking kill him. Henry said he wasn’t scared but holy shit did that make chooch and me take eighteen giant steps away from the window. Henry said HNC waited for her to go back in before saying, “Ain’t I lucky?”
  • Speaking of neighborss: It’s been a week and I don’t hate the new neighbors. #knockonwood I want to try and suggest having a block party this summer. We’ll see. 
  • Chooch’s piano teacher changed her name to Lavendar and now I love her even more and want to be best friends but I’m too shy-shy, hush hush, eye to eye. 
  • Chooch and I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead last night and holy shit, I’m glad I didn’t give up like I was going to. That episode killed me, though. Henry and I got in a fight because chooch and I kept saying we were so worried about Ezekiel’s tiger and Henry was all, “It’s not even a real tiger. It’s CGI.” And I was like, “No it’s real” and then he went silent for a few seconds before shoving his phone in my face and saying, “Here’s the man in the blue suit that you’re so worried about.” Fuck off, Henry. 

Other than that, all you missed today was me overhearing our old grass-cutter Joe telling the old Polish produce guy up the street that he just got back from DC. He was there for three days. 

Cool story, Joe. 

ETA: I just saw that Kcon NY accounced CNBlue and TWICE (!!!!!) so the rest of my evening has been dedicated to whining, begging, and perfecting my lip-protrude. 

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