Dec 152009


The Penguins are playing the Flyers right now so I had to turn the marshmonsters around to watch. Alisha started preaching about how its unnatural to obsess over marshmallows and how if I lived in Arkansas and tried pulling that shit, I’d get gang-raped by a baseball team called the Galaxies. Then Henry said something stupid and shit-coated, like, “Did you just take another picture of them?

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They haven’t CHANGED” and I was like, “But people on Twitter might be curious as to what’s going on with them right now.

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Then I went upstairs to pee and while peeing I started thinking things through, this whole marshmallow thing I mean, and I started thinking about how I never played with dolls when I was a kid, and maybe this is some latent need to play and dress inanimate objects that just bloomed late inside of me.

Or maybe I just really like to make food into play things, because this is not the first time I’ve lost myself in the world of make believe edible friends.

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And it probably won’t be the last, either.

This hockey game is fucking fantastico, by the by.

  8 Responses to “I think I might have a problem”

  1. So whats the problem?

  2. As someone who obsesses over barbie shoes and food, I’m going to say you don’t have a problem. Although, if Henry did kidnap them, make sure he takes ransom pictures of them all gagged and tied up. That is something that can’t be left off Twitter.

    • I think what’s going on is that Henry is just completely jealous that I have things to fill that void, and it’s not him!

      That kind of sounds like I’m having sex with marshmallows.

  3. I was honored to be in their presence.

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