Jan 252010



When I came across this gruesome Jason Voorhees hair decoration in AgonysDecay‘s shop, I immediately thought of how much cooler I’d be if I had one of those jutting from my crown. Not to mention the points I’d score with Chooch, who went as Jason on Halloween (still wears the mask, thank you) and has declared “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” as his favorite installment in the slasher’s ouevre.

Luckily, I buddied up with Jenny, the mastermind behind that shop last year when I first joined Etsy’s Dark Side. (I knew that would come in handy someday!) So approaching her for a trade was very easy, because I’m me and she doesn’t just trade with ANYONE.

OK fine, she’s trade friendly. But I like to believe that I was a special case (STFU) and also that I’m the only one she calls darlin’.

On Friday, it went down. I traded her two noncomposcards for one sensationally serial killer hair accoutrement, and it is already on my dome today. That’s some fast shipping; I wish I could say I was that on the ball. As soon as Chooch saw it, he did a double take and asked, “Is that me?? Yes, that’s me!” Great, now he thinks he really is Jason Voorhees.

Jenny is fantastic. I also own a Michael Myers ring from her shop; I believe I bought it before we knew each other and she was just as personable and lovely then, too. I hope to start the Freaky Features! back up again very soon and give you guys a tour of her brain. (If she agrees!)

I can’t wait to wear it out in public. I think the next time I’m with Alisha, I’m going to wear this one and the TWO that I have from Mrs. Evil’s. All at once, to see if it blows Alisha’s mind. Perhaps I’ll be able to stake them in the beehive that I’ll soon be sporting. (It’s true, I have been dreamin’ of an exquisite beehive lately. I might try and get it done in time for bowling next Sunday, OMG!)


No one will fuck with me while this is clipped to my coif. To test that theory, I’m going to loiter in some dark alleys tonight. Then you’ll see!

  4 Responses to “There’s a Murderer On My Head.”

  1. ooohhh! Jason makes you look beautiful! I love Jenny!

  2. Nice new piece! Does Chooch like it? Its nice to hear he’s still keeping up with his mask.

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