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I think Marcy’s a little dejected because ever since Chooch was born, the frequency of me shoving a camera in her face waned a bit. Or maybe she’s happy about that, but I DOUBT it.

She went to Pampered Pet for a little groom-session on Saturday morning, so she’s been looking real luxurious and I couldn’t resist shoving her inside a photoshoot oven last night. Unfortunately for Marcy’s son Don, the battery died during Marcy’s sesh. I had big plans of wrapping his head in a babushka but I guess I’ll do that tonight since I have no job again.


I know it’s horrible to play favorites, but of my four cats, Marcy’s IT. She’s the equivalent of poking a hornets nest. I feel like my reflexes are outstanding because of her.


Anyone who meets her usually leaves with a strong feeling of either love or hate. You know who really loves Marcy? My friends Bill and Jessi, who were actually just here last week for a quick visit on their way back to Michigan. Bill can never resist dangling his hand in front of her, which inevitably gets him maimed, and then you have Jessi crying and screaming, “Billy! Why do you have to touch her?! You know she’s going to attack! I hate that cat so much!”

When they were visiting in October, Jessi was trying to use our computer to finalize some wedding stuff;  Marcy jumped onboard and sat near the keyboard, daring Jessi to extend her fingers. Marcy was glaring and growling, and Jessi was yelling for me to come stop the madness, but I just sat on the couch and watched. It was exciting!


Remarkably, she hasn’t attacked Chooch yet. She has just recently got to the point where if he approaches her daintily (which is a feat for him), she will allow him to give her a small goodnight peck on her head. But she’s not happy about it. I think she knows that if she ever hurt Chooch, Henry would punt her out the front door (and then I would leave Henry). So when Chooch screeches, “Marcy!!!!111 Watch me play cars!!!!” she disgruntedly obliges. Mostly she sits stalk-still, hoping he’ll mistake her for a furry statue.


She draws blood from 8 out of 10 people who enter this house. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

I just love her so much!

  14 Responses to “Mommy’s First Born!!”

  1. Marcy owns.

    • Yeah:( My assignment ended last night. I knew it was only supposed to last a few weeks, but I was hoping there would be a little more notice than basically telling me, as I was putting my coat on to leave, that it was my last night.

      I have something else lined up. More menial work, you know how I do!

  2. “Marcy!!!!111 Watch me play cars!!!!”

    I died.

  3. I love cats too, don’t get me wrong. Don’s a frickin’ sweetheart, but Marcy… *shutters* Marcy is the spawn of Satan, I don’t care what you say. Within 10 seconds of the first time I pet her she drew blood, going from lovey to psychotic with the flip of a switch!

  4. Marcy is such a beautiful cat, and that look in her eyes tells me that she knows it. That’s probably why she feels like she can treat people like catnip toys… These photos are ridiculously gorgeous.

    • Thanks:) I love her so much it’s stupid. I always say that I’m going to need a straight jacket when she dies. I’m beyond attached to her, even though she maims me daily.

  5. I seriously think Marcy and Mab could take over the world.

  6. Too funny, and thanks for sharing on Furry Friends Friday! I love the blurry pic and am so glad that Macy could help you with your reflexes. HA Have a great weekend!

  7. Stopping by on the blog hop. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Attack cat I love it!

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