Apr 092010

I don’t really know why, but I have always had this weird neurosis about public and work rest rooms. Not really in that I love to unload in them, but it’s more of an observational hang-up I have, I guess. You can tell a lot about a place by the rest rooms. (Which is why Target > Walmart.)

I especially like truck stop rest rooms because you never know what kind of savory souls you’ll run into there. Plus, pratfalls abound.

At my last job, the inside of each stall had bright pink notices reminding every bleeding female to deposit their menstrual armor in the provided “recepticles.” Every night, I considered taking a Sharpie and correcting the spelling. Maybe dotting the “i” with an ovary.

None were worse than the company I worked from 2006-2008, though. Just, ew.

I went from this, to this:


I can like that.

  12 Responses to “Fancy Bathroom to Tickle My Bathroom Fancy”

  1. I really like that bathroom! And, as a bathroom designer, my vote counts for double.

  2. Oooh a clean bathroom. I love when bathrooms are tricked out with auto sensors so I don’t have to touch the knobs; now they just need automatic doors.



    that was a gin related typo

  4. If I had a bathroom like that I wouldn’t have to hold it all day. Looks like there should be a fainting couch in there somewhere to swoon upon.

    • I guarantee on one of the upper floors, there are couches in the bathrooms. I just have that feeling!

      I don’t know how I ended up in this place, but I leave there every night smiling!

  5. Not too shabby. I have bathroom hang ups too. I have tested the strength of my bladder many times in order to avoid the gauntlet of tp littered, pubic lice infested commodes at bars and concert venues. I also worked in a clinic where the public was treated for STIs on a daily basis, I think it aided in my germophobia development.

  6. Hockey fans, free candy, and a LOO LIKE THIS? I cheer your new job!

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