Apr 302010

I guess Chooch turning four has really hit me harder than I thought it would. Not that I still considered him a baby, but goddamn, he REALLY isn’t a baby anymore. I was looking through some old pictures of him on Flickr and began reminiscing. It’s hard to imagine what life was like back then, when he couldn’t yet walk on his own, ruin my stuff intentionally, or call me a bitch when I follow his sneezes with a “bless you.”


This would NEVER HAPPEN now.


I think this will always be one of my favorite photos of him, because he looks like a cartoon. And I’ve been told that about myself more times than I care to recall.


Chooch and his doll Rot at the Uniondale Cemetery. Miraculously, Rot is still intact! Probably only because Chooch hasn’t learned how to set things on fire. Yet.


Robert Smith pins!

Oh my god, I wish he was still a baby. I did less fearing for my life back then. I think today is going to be the start of  Old School Chooch Week where I’ll post old stories from his baby days. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?

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  1. No I do not. Go for it! I can’t believe he’s such a big kid now. Those pictures make me miss him being a baby too.

  2. He totally, totally looks like a cartoon in that one.

    Aw, Chooch, you are such a cutie.

    I miss the baby days too, terribly, awfully. I can’t believe Chooch is FOUR! I think of him as so much younger than Blue, but Blue is only just five so the gap is closing in a way.

    I forgot to tell you. You stuck a little red skull soap in one of my orders, and Blue found it the other day and took a bite, thinking it was candy. LOL. That’s the kind of thing I remember doing as a kid.

    Oh, and I’m totally down with Old Chooch Week.

    • That’s weird! It used to seem like such a big age difference between the two of them. God, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I feel so ofl just by typing that line!

      Ha! I can’t believe he bit that! Though they do look candy-ish. I’m always threatening the soap in the mouth scare tactic to Chooch. He is way too sassy for his age.

  3. Not at all! As a matter of fact Erin, I would love to read some more Chooch baby stories!

  4. I have that second photo of Chooch as part of my screen saver slide show. It has always made me smile. I hope you enjoy four with Chooch as much as I did with Hunter. It was a really great age.

    • OMG you just made my night. I had no idea!

      Looking at these pictures makes me think of that teething oil you sent me back then. That shit was magic.

      I hope the 4s are good, too. I remember when I was 4, it was like, the best age ever!

  5. That is one cute little boy. I love those cheeks!! I would love to read some stories….see some pics from back then since I wasn’t e-stalking you back then. I can admit to the e-stalking ’cause you know about it. And I’m not that creepy, not really.Well, a little.But in a fun, silly I will never fall in love with you and I am more obsessed with my husband kinda way.

  6. I have no problem with that

  7. Ah, little baby Chooch! I remember when he was born, so cute and tiny with that giant adorable head! He was so slippery in his baptism outfit.

    I am sure you say this every day and feel it more than anybody, but I cant believe its been four years already!

  8. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT THE BABY SO CLOSE TO THAT EVIL CREATURE?! You’re lucky he survived, that cat is a demon.

    I like the one of him dressed all dapper in the cemetary, he should “suit up” more often.

  9. That jean jacket!!! He was a cute baby and now he’s a cute toddler, even if he threw a fork across the table at me last time I saw you. ;)

    • I forgot that he did that! He can be a real jerk sometimes. Two days ago, I coaxed him into giving this little girl a flower. He stood there all nice, waiting for her to approach him. Then he threw it at her all maliciously and walked away.

      Typical male!

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