Jul 172010

Somewhere in my blog travels, I stumbled across Crunchy Betty, who is (super pretty and) having a contest thing where you send her a picture of food on your face. I thought, “Boy, that sure sounds fun, and maybe I should keep up with this blogosphere elbow-rubbing thing.” You know, instead of being that pissed-upon loser blog in the corner.

And really, does it get any better than applying balls of sugary Trix to your face in ninety-degree heat, using peanut butter as adhesive? I had to take these pictures faster than I jump into bed at night. (I don’t like standing next to the bed after dark because SOMETHING MIGHT LOP OFF MY FEET WITH A SICKLE, so I usually do a little running leap, like I’m some goddamn gymnast in fear of being whipped by Bela Karoli.)



There. That was fun. But no one wanted to kiss me…?

[ETA: I’m sure I did this wrong, now that I think about it. I have this incredibly rich habit of glossing over words like a sixteen-year-old fresh out of Adderal and I’m wondering if I was supposed to actually make one of the facial mask recipes on Crunchy Betty’s blog. There might be a do-over in the future.]

  17 Responses to “Trix’stache”

  1. OMG i love it :) you are too cute

  2. That is flippin hilarious.. and you are not a loser in the corner lol…

  3. That brown Trix is reminding me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cereal, and it’s kind of giving me the barfs.

  4. Great, now I can’t reply to comments. Thanks, Henry.

    Two things Jenn:

    1. That’s purple, not brown.
    2. There’s a good chance it’s my whole entire face giving you the barfs. Sorry. :(

  5. That is adorable but it looks like a pack of baby tribbles are attacking you!

  6. I say we get an unsuspecting fool drunk and food up HIS face…that sounds so much more fun!! :)

  7. Ha, that is awesome! Love it!

  8. I miss you and can’t wait to be back in Pittsburgh where I can be part of your odd yet oh so interesting adventures!Love ya!

  9. Oh, those are so awesome! :)

  10. LOL. Once again thanks for the laugh. Even with multi-colored cereal you’re beautiful.

  11. Gosh your eyes are pretty! It took a close up with cereal on your mug for the realization to slap me in the face…

  12. *LOVE* #trixstacheobsession

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