Dec 062021

Several years ago, we started a “tradition” of going away to an amusement park for the extended Thanksgiving weekend. In 2018, it was Dollywood. 2019 took us to Silver Dollar City in Missouri on Henry’s broken back (lol). Last year was the PIONEER AVENUE WHACKY SHACK in Brookline. This year though, I thought it would be OK to try and resume our tradition so I chose Six Flags Over Georgia specifically because they have an RMC and my latest bucket list thingie is to ride all of the RMCs in  the world, lol. DARE TO DREAM.

I will do a proper recap here shortly but I’m feeling super wistful and emo today, as I sit here thinking about family things and getting old – you know, standard DOOM&GLOOM stuff, so I wanted to just post all of the pictures we took together/of each other. Believe me, we bicker A LOT as a family but at the end of the day: goddamn we have some Fun Times.

This was right after the gates opened so everyone was still in an OK mood. Actually now that I think about it, I don’t think we really fought at all on this day. Chooch just rolled his eyes a lot and Henry annoyed us with his “I WAS DRAGGED TO TOO MANY CONCERTS” poor hearing (although sometimes I really do think he doesn’t hear us “on purpose.”).

When you don’t understand the assignment.

I dunno why but I like it when Henry wears his hat backward, lol.

Here I am trying to force Chooch to wave.

I dunno what was happening to my hair here, but Chooch was annoyed because he had already started walking away when I screamed, “WAIT TAKE ANOTHER ONE BECAUSE I CAN’T REMEMBER WHICH SIDE IS MY GOOD SIDE!”

Evidently – neither!

I’m pretty sure Henry and Chooch wore these outfits all weekend and I’m sure they will argue that they changed the t-shirts underneath at least but still. They actually make me mad with their fashion ambivalence.

In line for the idiotic mine ride.

When teenagers are forced to hang out with their parents and they catch themselves POSSIBLY laughing at their mother’s AMAZING COMEDIC PROWESS.

LOL WHEN THE SMILE DOESN’T REACH YOUR EYES. Also, Henry was made because the flash woke him up, I think.

And of course we had to get our obligatory carouselfie! (It’s actually not “obligatory” – there were several parks this year where I was like JUST FORGET IT and Chooch and Henry were like thank fucking god.)

We had to actually fasten the seatbelts on this one which was weird. Usually if there are seatbelts, no one but small children use them but there was AN ANNOUNCEMENT before the carousel started spinning. Actually, I’m terrified of falling off/getting stuck on a carousel horse so this is kind of good for me, I guess. I wish all carousel horses came with one of those guys from Victorian ages that kneel down and make a step out of their hands so that princesses like me could more easily dismount the fucking thing.

What did they call those people? Stepping stools? Foot guys? Henrys?

Here I am scowling at Henry as usual.

And here’s Santa and his apprentice. I was so adamant about getting this shot!

And then here’s this ultra-flattering shot of Henry practicing his Jolly Santa Belly pose, lol.

This was us waiting for a night ride in the front row on Twisted Cyclone. I dunno what I was saying, something super inspirational and cross-stitch worthy, I’m sure. You can tell by Henry’s face.

Well, Tom, that’s all the pictures I have of us from Six Flags Over Georgia, but don’t you worry your pretty little rosary over it because I still have other shit I need to say about this place, maybe tomorrow if I feel tippy-typey.


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