Jul 302010

My friends Jessy and Tommy are currently vacationing in Top Sail Island, but they were thoughtful enough to send me flowers for my birthday. That’s a really beautiful thing to come home to from the cemetery!

I think maybe I’m supposed to cut them down and fit them into the base of the cupcake, but I’m a floral-retard and Henry wasn’t home, so I just stuffed them in this skull stein that I always forget to drink my Absinthe and brain puree from.

Anyway, they are lovely and make me feel very loved!

Also the other day I got an Aw Snap! camera t-shirt and this gorgeous hand-carved skull bracelet from Bill and Jessi:

I have some really awesome friends. They make me feel loved!

The other night when I got in the car after work, Chooch handed me a wrinkled piece of paper that he had decorated with a stamper at Henry’s office. “It says, ‘Happy birthday, Mommy. I hope you get more presents.’ And I have a surprise for you at home!”

It was a latex glove. Blown up like a balloon.

I didn’t get ANYTHING from Henry. He has less than twelve hours. I’m counting.

In non-birthday news, tomorrow is Blogathon and I’m panicking as is customary for Blogathon eve. I’m worried I’ll run out of things to write about. I’m worried that my high-energy brand of hysteria will chase Alisha and Henry off for good. I’m worried that somehow the Internet will break like it did last year, and I’ll be forced to post from my iPhone and after nine months of being an official Apple-hoe, I’m still texting with the speed and dexterity of a fingerless hobo drunk off boot-infused Nighttrain.

Things I am requesting for tomorrow (take note if you’re planning on stopping by!):

  • WINE
  • no candy/chocolate because it always seems like a good idea, but it makes me crash and then I get pissy and wind up being even douchier to those around me  Changed my mind! I want a bag of raspberry Kisses.
  • WINE
  • iced coffee!!
  • grilled cheese!!
  • presents!!
  • WINE
  • Things to fashion into moustaches
  • Willingness to pose for stupid photos
  • grenades
  • Sparklers
  • things in which to dip myself
  • WINE
  • bonfire in my living room so I can make s’mores while whispering “s’mores” creepily in everyone’s ears

Also, I turned off email notifications (which ironically JUST STARTED WORKING AGAIN after crapping out on me a year ago) and the Twitter feed so you guys won’t get inundated by 49 scatter-brained blog posts. See how considerate I am of your patience?

It’s not too late to sponsor me! All proceeds go directly to the Greater New Orleans Foundation Oil Spill Relief Fund. Please visit my donation page for more information!

  28 Responses to “It’s My Birthday. Let Me Be Boastful.”

  1. Does Henry read your blog? That pic of the vase and cupcakes at the window is really quite arty, btw.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I love that Cup Cake.


  3. Happy happy birthday! I hope everyone knows how nice they have to be to you today!
    Henry better come up with the goods. So looking forward to blogathon tomorrow!

    • Oh man, when I came downstairs this morning, I caught a glimpse of a huge box on the dining room table. I had this fleeting moment of joy, like being a kid again, until I realized that it was just the light box I left out from the night before.

      It was such a sad moment for me, lol!

      Apparently Henry thinks that since he took me to the Lizzie Borden B&B way back in 2003, he doesn’t have to do anything for my birthdays anymore!

  4. Happy Birthday miss Erin – hope you get all the goodies on your list!

  5. Well Happy Birthday Lady! I sure hope it turns out to be an awesome day…..so if Henry is reading — hun you had better be having a surprisingly FANTASTIC present being delivered ASAP

    I really love the skull stein (my daughter would probably kill for that one – so where did you find that one?) As far as putting the flowers in the cupcake thingy … unless it has floral foam inside – you would probably end up with flowers all over the place since you have to cut them down so much to make it proportional. Leave them in the stein! (IMHO)

    I’m also thinking you don’t have enough WINE listed for Blogathon …. but again that’s just my opinion. Enjoy yourself!

    • Thank you for dropping by, Kat! Hopefully Henry sees this comment:)

      I got that skull stein, and other ones that are black with a white spider web designs and matching plates, at one of the Spirit Halloween stores several years ago. I saw them there last year too though!

  6. Happy birthday! Good luck on the blogathon…I won’t be able to stop by :-( because I’ll be at my parent’s this weekend but I will be thinking of you and can’t wait to read the insanity on Monday!

  7. Happy birthday, Erin!

  8. I sort of love that you put the flowers in the skull rather than the cupcake. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Sweets! I’m so glad you enjoyed your flowers. I’m a little upset because the flowers I paid for said they would be in the cupcake. They looked so very sweet in there. I’m sorry and will call the flower dealer.
    Happy Birthday Beautiful!

  10. Happy birthday gorgeous! I’m glad you liked your gifts, we found them separately and held on to them for this occasion. Did you like the card? I Thought you’d appreciate it. You’re one of our favorite people, so we hope you have a super special day!


  11. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!! ~HUGS~ and smmoooches!

  12. Happy Birthday Erin! The flower arrangement looks great btw! I found you on Blog Frog’s Follow Friday and I’m your newest GFC follower! I hope you have a moment to visit me at my blog too. I posted a great giveaway for SKOY cloths and it’d be great if you could get a few entries in. Anyway, have a lovely birthday and enjoy blogathon.
    Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

  13. Happy Birthday Erin! Chooch is so creative :)

    What in the world is a blogathon? Sounds…fun!

    Hope you day was fantastic!

    • Thank you!

      Blogathon is an annual event where a blogger chooses a charity, gets sponsors, and then blogs twice an hour for 24 hours in order to raise money for their charity. (I chose the Oil Spill Relief Fund.)

      The official Blogathon was canceled this year, but a bunch of us decided to do it anyway. This was my fourth one! I’m still exhausted!

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