May 182022

Guys. You guys. Guys guys guys. Brenda, listen up. You too, Vic. We’re going back to Wildwood this summer! Not for like, a “vacation” per se but for a COASTER ENTHUSIAST EVENT!! We did some dark ride events in the past, but never a coaster one and I am so ready for ERT on Great White, boy-o!

We’re registered with the help of our new coaster group membership, motel is booked, and I am STOKED FOR IT.

Mostly I hope that I make friends with at least one person in the “club” or whatever because ya girl is lonely and needs someone to squeal with about amusement parks.

And now Henry can buy a new Wildwood hat!!

We had such a glorious time there together last summer and I am so excited that we get to return. Young Erin is proud that Old Ass Erin is still having the most fun!

Day 5 of my roller coaster road trip bday thingie: WILDWOOD

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