May 312022

I had to take the dreaded TROLLEY to work today for the first time since March 2020 and I was little bitch-Princess about it too, whining internally, whining via texts to Henry and Chooch, whining to my co-workers in super Victorian Woman WOE IS ME fashion, wrist slung across my (sweaty – it was almost 90 degrees!!) forehead.

And not only did I have to take the trolley, but there was unexpected construction on the platform which Chooch failed to tell me (he takes the trolley to school) and I couldn’t see the signs because my eyes are bad and the signs were small so a construction worker had to instruct me to cross to the other side and then I got to the other side and forgot the rest of his instructions mostly because I wasn’t listening so I had to ask a commuter sitting on a bench for help and he was like “*points*” but then a guy going downtown was like “this way” and I was like “yeah I knew that” lol duh.

Then the trolley came and I am accustomed to the double-trolleys so I was standing at the end of the platform but I guess because lots of ppl still work from home, they are only using doing one-train ops so the back door didn’t open and the same guy had to be like “this way” and then OMG this is the worst part actually it wasn’t bad at all and I know that no one gave a shit but you know me and the DISASTER PLAYBACK LOOPS in my head: I got on the trolley and strode RIGHT PAST the fare thingie like I owned the joint and made it halfway thru the car when I stopped dead in my tracks, realizing I hadn’t paid. I turned around to walk back and noticed that the driver was leaning over looking at me and he was FOR SURE just about to yell at me but thankfully I caught my own faux pas in time so SORRY WHITE MAN for ruining your chance to YELL AT A WOMAN.

Turns out, my folly was usurped by a businessman trying to pay with cash and struggling profoundly to the point where the driver had to WRITE IT OFF and then the guy who apparently woke up this morning with an assignment from GOD to help me was like “after you” so I got to pay my fare like a good honest commuter, but he was probably just letting me go first in case I didn’t know how to do it and he had to help me again.

It was like he was my seeing eye dog, honestly.

He ended up sitting across from me and I think he was worried when he realized he was getting off before me. I wonder if he thought about me at any point today, wondering if I made it safely to my destination.

Anyway, I was happy to see that a lot of people were wearing masks even though the mandate lapsed because I was wearing my mask too.

The whole point in this post is that I felt like an asshole for being so whiny about having to take the dumb T. So I got over it real fast. I went to the office, made my morning coffee, chatted with Margie about the weekend, and then had a really great lunch break walk where I appreciated being back in the city.

And I got myself a pea blossom latte from Adda which I haven’t had in years!

Love that there are Adda locations downtown now! Maybe I need to bring back Lunch Break Tales: Cafe Edition because some new places have popped up in the last two years and I need to get back on my coffee game.

Then on my way back to the office, some guy approached me and asked me if I had $10. I was like “uh, no” and instead of moving on, he proceeded to explain to me why he needed it as if that would generate the cash in my pocket.

It wasn’t for food.

Wasn’t for bus fare.

It was, and I actually genuinely appreciate this guy’s audacious honesty, for a CHAIN. A MOTHERFUCKING NECKLACE, YOU GUYS.

It was DISCOUNTED down to $15 and he had $5 but needed $10 (phew thank God I understand math). I repeated again that I didn’t have cash and he said, omg this guy, “You got a card?”

WOWOWOW. I wish I had even an iota of that man’s confidence. I said no and he was like “ok thanks” and moved on to the women behind me who said NO before he even had a chance to tell them about the CHAIN.

Then I went back to the office. I wanted a snack in the afternoon but had no coins and the vending machine’s credit card reader wasn’t working!!! Inflation is real though because I definitely do not remember everything in that machine being $1.25 back in 2020??!!

It was ok though. I survived the last hour and came home to a smoothie bowl, prepared with love (??) by Chef Henry. Watched episode 4 of Stranger Things while Chooch stared at me to see if I would cry during “the part.”

(I did.)

(We watched the first episode on Friday and Chooch was like I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU PPL and binged the whole season on the drive to Connecticut last Saturday so he had already seen Episode 4 and came downstairs specifically to troll me.)

(Also Chooch is obsessed with the soundtrack from this season so maybe he will have a better appreciation for our 1980s Dream Kitchen.)


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