Aug 052010

The downfall of Blogathon is that there are 49 posts in all, and not many people have time to read 49 posts. Especially when most of them occur smack-dab during the prime time of Saturday night. And especially when they’re written by me.

So here are my favorites, hand-picked and waiting for your lovin’.

#2: Henry Gets a Stripper

#8 Something Nice About Henry

#22 Girl First: A True Account!

#24 My 19th Birthday!

#26 The Laughter: A New Band <——–MY FAVE

#31 The Plaza Cafe

#32 Purple: An Erin’s Best Friend

#34 Alisha’s History Hour & Steel Magnolias

#37 A Necessary Weenie Roast

#40 Henry & Baby Selleck

#41 Chooch

#42 The Trunk

#48 Percolator

  One Response to “Blogathon Best-Of”

  1. It took me a couple weeks to catch up but I did officially read all 49.

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