Oct 182010

Chooch got a fedora yesterday. He put it on and we took pictures. The end. (Wouldn’t it be nice if all my posts were this succinct?)

I was like, “Where the hell did you learn this pose?”

“Freddy,” he answered. And then when my face looked blank, he added, “From ‘iCarly’!

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God, I am so out of touch. (Not really, because as soon as he said that, I immediately knew what episode he was talking about. I’m such a hussy for TeenNick.)

This one was from Friday, after the Harland picture-takin’ extravaganza. The downside is that since I asked him to sit on one stoop, he deemed it necessary to try out EVERY SINGLE STOOP we passed on our way back to Kara’s.

He had to get his school picture taken a few weeks ago.

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He probably wondered why the photographer did it in one shot. “He didn’t even ask me to wear a pig mask!”

Aw, fuck. Here I go ruining a perfectly good blog post with WORDS again.

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  9 Responses to “Chooch’s Fedora”

  1. I seriously want a child just so I can dress him/her up in adorable clothes like this and take portraits of him. I am addicted to all your Chooch photography (not that I’m any less addicted to any of your OTHER photography). I love his Fedora. And I LOVE that pose! haha.

  2. Chooch is a handsome lil man! He’s wearing that fedora like it custom designed for him. Great pics!

    • Thanks! I’m glad it was only $7 at Target, because he totally won’t wear it now. “If I wear it, everyone is going to say, ‘I like your hat!’ and I don’t want them to say that.” What the hell?!

  3. What a cute little guy. Seriously. Every time I see him, he is just super adorable. I LOVE the second picture. He looks super serious and suave! You go, boy! You go, mom! Lol. :)

  4. What a cutie! That hat makes him look like such a classy little fella! :)

  5. YES. What a wonderful way to end my LJ scrolling. Fabulous pics of my ‘other’ fav little guy! (my first fav being my cute as ever nephew!!!) Luv it. Thanks for sharing.

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