Dec 292010

“It’s nice to know you made a sandwich for you and Chooch, but not me,” Henry said, peeking inside the Iron Man snack pack Chooch uses for school.  Hey, I never promised him a ribbon-topped box of consideration for Christmas. Chooch and I waited impatiently for him to make a sandwich and then we finally set off for our (my) favorite cemetery on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

Henry was worried that our car would get stuck on the unplowed cemetery lanes, which is his way of saying, “I think this is the dumbest tradition ever and sandwiches don’t taste good when eaten while my dick is getting frost-bitten.” I knew that the dead people wouldn’t let ourcar get stuck.

NOT ON CHRISTMAS! Who the fuck else is going to visit these old, forgotten bones?

Chooch loves going to the cemetery on Christmas.

I  mean, I used to always just  assume he did when he was too young to really have a say, but now this brat is so strong-willed that I know he would be all, “Oh hell no!” if he really didn’t want to do something. Because that’s what he says.

“I don’t look pissed off enough,” Chooch said. “Take another.”

A much better depiction of my child

For the forty-five minutes we spent amongst the dead, I was completely at peace and stress-free. But there were family-obligations looming ahead, so I should have known that wouldn’t last long.

  6 Responses to “Cemetery Picnic 2010”

  1. That first shot you took is absolutely beautiful. And as always, I love Chooch’s comments…he’s too funny. Glad you got to continue the tradition this year and that Chooch still loves it.

  2. The one with the city in the background is the most striking for me personally. That’s one of the things I remember most about visiting the city–the weird mixup of business and residential squished up against the foothills.

  3. Your photography seriously inspires me. I know I say this every time I see a photof of yours… but seriously! It just always makes me go “wow. I love this.” My favorite? The one of Chooch and the cemetary wreaths. Gorgeous colors/tones. What do you use to edit your photos?

  4. I love these shots, they capture you all so well…

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