Jun 052008

I’m sitting at work, feeling all depressed for no good reason, and then Henry sends me this picture.

Sometimes having a Chooch is better than that bottle of vodka and crack pipe I often wish I had hidden in my desk. Thanks, Chooch.

  20 Responses to “Perks to Parenthood”

  1. Great picture! I can see why that would cheer you up! Still no pants I see =)

  2. Chooch really is a living laugh.

    Thanks erin and henry for putting such an awesome guy on this earth…


    Hope you feel better…

    • remember when you said you feel like Henry and I should be walking around like gayball players, slapping each other on the butt and saying “Good job”? That was the funniest thing ever.

      No wait, when you said that shit about “Did you know there’s a war…” THAT was the funniest.

    • it’s true!!!
      the butt slaps would be totally appropriate…

      that war thing… oh my god…
      so many of our conversations are misunderstood somewhere along the line b/c of:
      a) your poor hearing
      b) me making little to no sense

      it sure do bring us laffs tho don’t it!??!?!?!?

    • SELECTIVE hearing!

  3. Oh! He’s perfection! :))

  4. That picture rocks! He’s fearless! There have been some *great* Chooch photos lately – I’m here reading, just not having tons of time to reply, but you always brighten my day with your crazyass humor and adorable kid!

  5. that’s an awesome picture! he looks like a little superhero!

    you are lucky! what a fun and handsome hlittle man.

  6. Chooch FLIES???

  7. AWWW! Was he jumping off the couch? I especially love Robert Smith looking on from behind him. So brave already!! He will ride roller coasters and pukey rides with you someday.

  8. Damn, he’s cute! I know it’s too soon, but someday he and Delia need to hook up and have giant headed, no hair, cute as hell kids.

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