Oct 062011

I’ve made it this far without anyone complaining to the boss I guess, because when I came in yesterday, everyone still had their decorations up and there was even a photo floating around of the boss wearing my pig mask. I was so relieved! I haven’t even come close to finishing yet, plus I’ve decided that the “killer” is going to be Glenn (of Wacky Worm fame) so I’ve been dropping some clues to see how long it takes him to figure it out once he returns from vacation. I’m using an anagram of his last name, which is Ken Lobe. I’m so excited about this twist, it’s stupid.

I clearly have little else going on in life.

Our killer has expensive taste in murder vans.

In other news, life is good, and here’s why: I’m feeling much better, tonight is the official start of the hockey season, and I was summoned for jury duty! Beyond stoked. I hope I get picked.

  5 Responses to “More of the Murder Desk”

  1. Erin…. ur a fucking roit man. this is soooooooooooooooo cool.

  2. This is really creative. I love it! Especially the murder van and the killer map.. the old pictures are perfect for that

  3. How can someone be so funny and so creepy all at the same time?? It’s quite endearing.
    That van-genius.

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