May 012012

[In light of recent activity, I have been struggling with whether to keep this blog up or take it down; I ultimately decided to keep it up because I haven’t done anything wrong; but this post, however, is password-protected* since it involves Chooch’s school friends and not these particular parents, but other parents in that class, have beef with me.]

[*Oh, fuck it. I don’t care who reads this shit anymore.]

Chooch decided a few months ago that he wanted to have the same birthday as his awesome mom. I mean, who can blame the kid for wanting to emulate such a loose cannon like myself. Hopefully, he develops a taste for foot and crow soon, because if he’s going to follow my path, he’s going to be dining on a lot of that.

So we rented out the rink for the kid and invited all his friends, most of which just happen to be grown-ups. I have never known a child to have so many grown-up friends. Which to me, that sounds like the opposite of a neglected, unloved child. But what do I know. I’ve only been a mom for six years.

Guest List

  • My brother Corey and his girlfriend Danielle
  • Henry’s mom Judy
  • Henry’s sister Kelly
  • Zac
  • Steph and Kian, + a green-haired girl whose name I never got
  • Danielle and Ean
  • Lindsay, Anthony and Tiffany
  • Lauren, Randy, Dean and Olivia
  • Barb
  • Lee
  • Amber
  • Wendy and Shawn
  • Kaitlin
  • Kaitlin’s famous cake
  • Kristen
  • Ricky, Chris, Kari and Katelyn, reppin’ Castle Blood
  • Carol
  • Laura
  • Bill, Jessi and Tammy
  • Mikayla, her sister and parents
  • Nate, his brother and uncle
  • Jacob, his sister and mom
  • Emyle, her mom and cousin
  • Bria, her sister and parents, who came from a wedding and changed in the bathroom, that’s how all about it they were
  • Lisa and Matt
  • Shawn, Cosi and Anais
  • Peaches and Drake
  • Our neighbor D and his friend who wouldn’t talk to me

Pretty sure that’s more people that came to my party. It’s hard being in the shadow of a six-year-old sometimes!

I. The Mix

I slaved over the perfect skating mix all week, staying cognizant of the fact that there would be Catholic school children in attendance, and let me tell you something: Rick Ross radio edits just don’t exist. EVEN IF IT SAYS “RADIO EDIT,” listen to that shit first, because I promise you it will all start to unravel by the end and you’ll find yourself clawing your way out of ramparts and carnage of “pussy” and “fuck.” Unbelievable that I actually rose to the occasion and did my due diligence on this one.

Reminding myself that it wasn’t MY party, I put on Chooch’s favorite Eisley song, which he totally missed because it came on while he was opening his presents. He asked for Frank Turner’s “Photosynthesis” (what 6-year-old requests that song, really), which proved to be horrible to skate to, but whatever – not my party. He threw me a bone and said I could put on “The Past Should Stay Dead” by Emarosa, but then when it came on, he switched directions just to clomp over to me and say, “Really Mommy? Emarosa? Really?” like he was totally disappointed in me WHEN HE GAVE ME PERMISSION! God, he’s always trying to make me look the fool.

But at least it came on after Lee and Amber were already there, so they got to hear what the true honey-tinged voice of a male siren sounds like. Even Lee admitted that he wasn’t that bad, for a drug addict.

That morning at breakfast, “Sussudio” came on, which made me, Tammy and Jessi laugh since we had just listened to an angry Phil Collins singing it the night before at my house.

“Well, this definitely has to go on the mix now, ” I laughed. AND IT DID.

And then after that, I mostly just threw on some 80s synthpop, Skrillex (unashamed dubstep fan in this hizzy), Britney Spears and some current r&b jams. At one point, I skated past Jacob’s mom, who was sitting on a bench talking to Bria’s parents, when I overheard her say, “And this music is so good. It’s really taking me back!”

That gave me the courage I needed to broach conversation with the enemy. Actually, these parents aren’t the enemy. Those parents were too cowardly to bring their children to the Evil Woman’s son’s birthday party. More on that at a later date. (And that is only one of the reasons this post is password-protected. For now, anyway.)

“I made this mix!” I shouted over top of the Breakfast Club’s mostly forgotten track “Right on Track.” And then we all had a really nice conversation about Spinning Wheels, the local rink that was poppin’ back in the 80s, and how much we miss it. It’s a Busy Beaver now. Get fucked, Busy Beaver.

They all gushed (yes, they gushed) about how they were having such a great time and thanked me for inviting them. (We put on the invitations that the entire family was welcome to come, admission was free, and skate rental was comped for the kids. Yeah, I know what that’s called. Sucking up. And I’m not beneath it.)

“Good,” I gloated to myself. “Now go back and tell those other bitch moms.”

II. Henry is the Best Skater

Cue the trumpets! Roll out the red carpet! Henry is about to take his inaugural roll around the rink and HE IS THE BEST SKATER EVER says everyone at the goddamn party. I know this based on the amount of times I skated away from people in a huff. Yeah, he’s the best skater ever, if that means he’s nearly 5o and able to skate to the tune of Peaches and Herb in his head while maintaining absolutely no rhythm, yet not falling. Bravo. Name a rink after this man, already.

I was crying about it to Barb, Lee and Amber, who all said that they were actually just commenting on how good of a skater I am, and then proceeded to stick out their arms to collect high fives from me the next time I passed their side of the bench. This appeased me, though they were probably just sucking up because they knew they would have to hear me cry about it all week at work otherwise.

Seriously, Henry is not all that. Sure, he’s a better cook, aircraft-identifier, moss expert, parent and person than me, but can’t I at least have something that I excel at? Jesus!

I am never skating with him again.

My Color Blind Brother Corey & His Girlfriend Danielle. They Will Never Be Able To Admire Rainbows Together.

III. Ultimate Party Foul

I was in the snack room when I noticed my friend Lauren’s son was crying and holding an icepack against his wrist. She told me they were taking him to the hospital and I totally felt like the biggest asshole ever.

“Why?” Lauren asked. “You didn’t push him!” She was so calm about it too. I would have been puking in my purse. After they left, Wendy’s husband Shawn was like, “His arm is totally broken” which made me feel even worse. Later that night, Lauren posted a picture on Facebook of Dean, sitting in the exam room with his entire arm in a cast. At least he was smiling, though!

First, Dean had to spend two hours with me last fall while I took pictures of him and his sister, and then he breaks his arm at my kid’s birthday party. That kid is probably so adverse to me.

Of course, one of Chooch’s big mouth friends went to school and told everyone about it, so now all the mom’s have new fodder. “Kids get broken around that evil family! This is the work of SATAN!”

IV. Pictures of Children

Some of the moms at Chooch’s school found my blog. This happened in February. The first wave of confrontations came through the day before Valentine’s Day; I took it in stride and still found the will to bake that fucking cake for Henry. The biggest problem was that they saw what I had written about them (in various field trip posts), but they also made a stink about their kids’ pictures being on the Internet. So I took everything down and apologized. Still, this is not the reason this post is password-protected. Yes, something even worse than that happened. A story for a rainy day, though. (Although I will say my favorite part was when one of the moms said, “And I looked at some of the other stuff on your website and I just don’t want my family associated with ANY of…that.” I took that as a compliment.)

Now, none of the parents who came to the party are the ones who create phalange crosses and hiss when I walk into the room. But still, I wanted to show respect for those parents who allowed their kids to attend a heathen’s birthday party, thereby editing out the faces of their children before they even have a chance to cry foul.

It’s a moot point now that I made this post password protected.

(I left my friends’ kids intact, because I think you have to assume that if you attend one of my events, you’re going to have your picture taken. However, if anyone reading this is angry about it, say so and I will Jonny Craig your face, too.)

V. Afro Rink Douche

In lieu of Henry’s man-crush Paul the Rink Ref, two of the younger staff members were out there, flashing their skating prowess in their blue Neville Roller Drome shirts. At first I was like, “Thank god for built-in entertainment, now Bill & Jessi won’t have to pump out balloon animals like at last year’s party.” Except that the one with an afro took his job way too seriously and lambasted Bill for “going too slow” when it was his first time skating EVER. God, way to not only embarrass the guy, but make him not want to ever try skating again.

He also yelled “Keep moving!” to Amber who was leaning against the wall while on the rink and talking to Lee. Hello, I didn’t pay all that money renting a rink to have my friends yelled at by some neon-skated prick with a superiority complex.

(Although, if I were Amber, I would have totally blamed Lee.)

Next time I see that guy, I’ll have his Afro on a plate.

VI. Cake & Presents

Kaitlin went above and beyond as usual and made the most delicious white batter cake with this ambrosial lemon filling. She is just MAGIC. And I asked her to maybe decorate the cake with monsters, but you know what she did? She made RED VELVET CUPCAKE MONSTERS. Of course, this made the children (all the girls, natch) argue over which one they wanted, leaving Poor Henry as the official monster delegate. They were not pleased with him when he began quartering the monsters to ensure they each got a piece. And of course, there was one whole monster left over in the end. GOOD JOB HENRY.

Someone made a lofty remark about how I should be the one cutting the cake. What a fool. I wish I could remember who that was so I could call them a fool to their face.

And then Henry proceeded to cut orphan-portioned slices of cake for all of the guests. We ended up taking home HALF OF THE CAKE. My saddlebags thank you for your stinginess, Henry.

“This wasn’t on my list!” Chooch spat when he opened Barb’s present. This became the “You invited BARB!?” of 2012.

I really enjoyed that she and my cousin Danielle both stepped up to be present helpers, since I was doing other things. What was I doing? Tweeting and spinning on my stool, I think. And taking pictures! That’s important. That is a very important party task.

Corey, learning how to cut curmudgeonly cake slivers from the Master Miser.

My wonderful Michigan buds had to hit the road during Chooch’s snail-paced gift unwrapping session. As I hugged Bill, Jessi and Tammy goodbye, I noted that “Sussudio” was playing out on the rink. I think in Yacht Rock terms, that means we’re bonded for life.

Amber and Lee were competing to see whose gift Chooch liked the most. Apparently, Lee’s Skylanders warranted a “Daddy, look!” so Lee self-claimed the title.

I probably should have been writing down what he got.

Barb was smart and got me a Hot Topic gift card! She learned her lesson from my birthday party, when she was audacious enough to bring CHOOCH a present, making me cry out, “YOu didn’t bring ME a present to HIS party!” Even after I opened it, I set the small red gift bag on the table with all of his presents, just so I could sneer, “HA! That’s MOMMY’S present!” when Chooch reached for it.

And then I wonder why I’m getting accused of being a shit parent.

Chooch also got a card with a monetary gift from Rink Ref Robin, Roller DJ and Doorman Billy, who told me that they wanted to contribute to the party since Chooch always entertains them when we attend afternoon sessions. I wish I was as popular as my son. Actually, no. No, I don’t.

Two hours was totally not long enough. Before I knew it, Roller DJ was announcing that the session was over and Henry was counting out something to the tune of LIFE SAVINGS to pay the rink owners. Sophie, the owner’s wife, refused payment for the skate rentals, so we were at least able to eat dinner the next two days.

(If anyone was at the party and wants to contribute their own highlights and memories (and pictures too!), you should totally comment! It was such a whirlwind and I know I missed a ton. Like Bria sneezing on the cake, pre-Happy Birthday serenade.)

  12 Responses to “The 6th Birthday Party”

  1. *Proudly affiliated with ‘ANY of…that’ found on Oh Honestly, Erin!*

  2. Ha, I was reading the part about the rink ref being a dick, and all I could think of was how Chris almost laid the old one out on the rink because he kept trying to pick up Harland.

    Im so sad we missed it. I need to make it up to Chooch soon.

    Also, I’d rather be associated with all of the cool stuff you do than be a a miserable judgmental bitch, sad that those “ladies” won’t ever stop looking down their nose long enough to realize what they are missing. Their loss.

  3. My favorite part: “Sure, he’s a better cook, aircraft-identifier, moss expert, parent and person than me,”

    It is so cool that someone made Chooch a cake! And monsters!! What a great day, despite your being a heathen. And a goth.

    Also, I wish I had been able to make it, especially since you included my dear PHIL COLLINS.

  4. I so wish I could have been there :(
    Love the jonny Craig kids…I vote you should do it on everyone forever

  5. YAY! I made the blog!! Totally made my shitty Tuesday afternoon! hahahaha Thanks for inviting me to Chooch’s party! I had a good time even though I DID get yelled at…and I do blame Lee!!! :O) I would also like to mention that Chooch opened my present first and said “Hey I always wanted this!” So I think it might be a tie between Lee and I and which present Chooch liked the best…I say mine because I seen your blog picture of his playing with it! So HA! Lee! :) Oh and next party tell Mr. Erin Kelly to cut the cake bigger! :) hehehehe

  6. Awesome party! I got a little creeped out by your edited faces, reminded me of Aphex Twin. Honestly Erin, I initially thought you made them masks to wear in lieu of party hats or something! The sound of the life savings leaving is a sound I’m all too familiar with. Totally worth it though! And to the kid that broke his arm; there are far worse ways to accomplish the breaking of an arm involving dog shit, smocks and tears so, be happy it happened at Chooch’s cool ass party! ;-)

    I’m glad you kept the “worse thing” separate from Chooch’s bday bash. I do hope you put it up soon. That first thing was bad enough and I was wondering what the heck could have happened to make you want to take your blog down permanently.

  7. The fact that you edited the kids out with what looks to be Jonny Craig masks totally made my day. It looks like it was a blast, bitch-ass parents and all. Please don’t take your blog down. I don’t comment often but I read every post and laugh like a hyena.

  8. First of all, this looks like such an awesome party! i was able to view the un-jonny’d faces, and those kids and parents really were smiling. Big, too.

    You and Henry are fantastic parents, and I know everyone who KNOWS you guys knows that. <3

    Chooch is an amazing kid… with amazing parents. So what if you guys aren't typical. Fuck typical.

  9. Thank you for not “Johnnycaking” Katelyn.

    (That sounds a lot worse in my head than it originally looked in print.)

    We had a great time.

  10. Thank you for inviting me to Chooch’s birthday blog, took me back a few years when I had my birthday at a skating rink. I think you guys are amazing parents. I’ve got four month old daughter. I hope I make as good a parent as you guys.
    Enjoy Trap Door, should be with you soon.

  11. It was a great party and I’m glad I could make it.
    I also put a vote in for putting Johny masks in your pictures, hilarious.
    You and Henry are great parents to Riley. You guys are there for him and you can tell he is loved. Just because you guys don’t fit what most people call the “social norm” doesn’t mean it’s still not a great family. You have tons of friends that support you and are there for you so you must be doing something right. =)
    I love you guys and I love Riley. He is a great kid with an awesome sense of humour that always makes me laugh.

  12. You’re a great mom, sounds like the party was a hit. Forget (censored) the haters!

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