Jun 062012

Me: Aw shit, you better make daddy a birthday card. I don’t know, draw something on it that he likes.

Chooch, thinks to himself: Something that he likes….Well, obviously that’s a pile of steaming shit. And a kangaroo but I don’t feel like finishing that.


Chooch clearly knows Henry way more than I do, because I would have drawn Faygo bottles on top of a pile of nondescript t-shirts with a bunch of Henry doppelgängers looking on, eating green onions pulled straight from the ground. (Henry eats that shit with the authority of a goddamn farmer and it makes me sick. Tomatoes too.)


A robot standing on a monster, holding a cake?

Henry’s mom came over to babysit today and wanted Chooch to draw something nicer than a pile of shit, but I assured her that Henry would think it was strange if he got anything sweet.

  4 Responses to “Chooch: My Future Greeting Card Business Partner”

  1. wth!? This card is made of awesome.

  2. That’s cute! Your son have potential. Looking forward to see more of your son’s artwork. It’s nice to see work with so much love.

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