Jul 132012


I am in a complete state of comedown today. Yesterday was such a blur: I wait all year for it and then it’s over in a whiplash-inducing flash. I’ve already cried in mourning. But the euphoria definitely outweighs the depression!


Before the gates opened.


Finding out Pierce the Veil’s set time was our (my) main priority.


Henry, dryly before Chelsea Grin even took the stage: I can already tell I’m going to love THEM.


I try to let him sit every couple hours.



Emily’s Army. I had a crush on the boy scout.


Ugh, Funeral Party was so sick. Of course there were only 10 people watching them with me because there were no gimmicks or ridiculous wardrobes or KISS-copying.


Waiting for Pierce the Veil.



Took this for Chooch. Missed him so much. :(


On the phone with his sister, fondling a broken pair of sunglasses he found on the ground.


AUSTIN CARLILE MAKES ME HAPPY. He screams the demons right the fuck out of my body.


Seriously, the best Mexicans ever. I love Pierce the Veil so hard and will probably start crying about it in 3….2….


The ever-omnipresent Jeffree Starr.


Our annual “I’m Stoked, Henry’s Not” picture. Henry actually did smile a few times though. LIKE WHEN KELLIN QUINN SANG WITH PIERCE THE VEIL, ADMIT IT HENRY.


Backne popping during Sleeping with Sirens. Please join me in my repulsion.


Finally succumbed to exhaustion around the 7PM mark and crashed on the lawn during Breathe Carolina.



I still have to take the pictures off the regular camera, and I’ll be back with those and an actual account of Henry’s agony. Fuck, that was the best day of the summer and I can’t wait to do it all over again 100 more times. You with me, Henry?

  9 Responses to “Warped Tour in iPhone Snaps”

  1. It looks like it was awesome!

  2. Looks like u had fun! I’m jealous.

  3. the people watching… wow! henry, bless his heart…

  4. I’m speechless over the backne picture.

  5. Wish you could have Warped Tour everyday. Henry seemed pretty attached to those sunglasses

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