Oct 23

Glenns on Parade


 Stalker Glenn, Gallagher Glenn (I thought the inclusion of a watermelon would be the tell-tale sign, but alas–wrong guesses across the board), Leatherface Glenn, Ziggy Stardust Glenn (for Maya!), Unicorn Glenn, Flava Flav Glenn (for Seri!)


 Elliott & ET Glenn, A Clockwork Orange Glenn* (for Sandy, and we are completely dismayed at how this one has stumped everyone), Stay Puft Glenn (for Octavia—turns out it was the Glenn Dispenser hoarding it!), Pippi Glennstocking (for Seri), John Wayne Gacy Glenn (he now resides right beneath his bro Jeffrey Dahmer), G for Glendetta (for Sean).

*Lee just came over and totally guessed that one right away and  wants everyone (a/k/a my 10 readers) to know.20121023-185055.jpg

 Dutch Boy Glenn, Colonel Sanders Glenn, Elvis Glenn, Snooki Glenn, Mama Glenn, Marilyn Manson Glenn.


 Spongebob Glenn, Dora Glenn (for Sandy!), Austin Powers Glenn, Reunited: Frankenstein and his Bride, Gene Simmons (for Maya), Martian Glenn (Barb didn’t know what this one was because she SUCKS!).

 Bill Paxton Glenn, Don’t Drop the Soap Glenn, Yoda Glenn, Charlie Chapglenn, Glenny, Here Comes the Glenn.

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