Nov 142008



Christina and I went to Buffalo, NY last weekend to see two of my favorite bands, Pierce the Veil and Emarosa. It was fun, sad, awful, good, lucky, traumatic, frustrating and confusing all at once, and I would love to write about it, but the up-and-down theme has continued on through the rest of the week, leaving me exhausted and angry. When I’m released from this fucking cosmic headlock (seriously, my life is a fucking folly), I will get that trip written up something proper.

(To sum up the sentiments of this week: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?)

Until then, I’m wasting time on Lastfm. My profile had been collecting dust for years, but it’s all shiny now and if you’re on there, you should add me and we can sit around, staring at each other’s user pics and not saying anything.

(P.S. It’s serial killer Xmas card time!)

  One Response to “Yo, Universe. Suck a Dick.”

  1. i’m sorry your week has been so ridic.

    i bet at my class reunion i’ll find people who i can send your serial killer christmas cards to!!!

    i love them!

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