Apr 192013


Today was Sean’s last day at The Law Firm and I am distraught. I didn’t even hug him because I knew I would lose it, so we just high-fived.

The whole week has been sad, like one long depressing build-up to the inevitable. Monday night was our last late shift together. :( And the next day, he passed on the “torch” to Lee. (Who barely deserves it!)


Smug Lee.

After Sean told me he was leaving, I was talking to Chooch about it the next morning. Chooch had kind of a weird nemesis-type relationship with Sean in that he enjoyed randomly punching him in the stomach anytime he would see him.

“Why is he leaving?” Chooch asked.

“I don’t know. Because he hates it there.”

“Maybe he hates you,” Chooch sneered. Jesus, kid! Don’t I have enough of a complex? Just last night he told me that Henry doesn’t love me because I’m “not right for him.” OMG, I quit!



When I got to work today, I asked Sean if Glenn had cried yet, since they’ve sat next to each other for all these years.

“Not until you got here,” Glenn answered for Sean.

But then also today is Debbie’s 50th birthday! So it’s like, “Boo-hoo, goodbye Sean! HOORAY FOR DEBBIE AND CUPCAKES!” I am so fucking confused right now. (Plus, earlier I thought my buddy from the mail room was barking at me so now he’s going around telling people I have a barking fetish. And you know what, maybe I DO, now that I think about it.)


Cupcakes! I stayed strong (so far) and have not had one, not even after Nate offered to split one with me.


Birthday girl! I gave her one of my pendants and even wrote something NICE inside a card, and she was going on about how sweet I am, so I told her to pass that shit on because most people here think I’m evil.


Grampa Glenn.


Last night, I was walking through my old quadrant, which we’ve been calling Forbidden City since the Firm moved in some other department over there and now we’re prohibited from cutting through (but I still do since I work late shift and Those People are gone by then). When I passed my original desk, I honest to god started to cry because I CAN’T HANDLE CHANGE and things have been REALLY changing so fast lately. I think since December, five of my buddies here have left, and two more are following in Sean’s footsteps this month alone. I just can’t handle it.

And I had a really bittersweet dream about my two dead cats, Speck and Don, the other night so I have been in hardcore nostalgia-mode all week. Plus the Boston bombings, WTF kind of a fucking week is this!?!?

I am going to fucking rage this weekend, that’s all I know.

  3 Responses to “A Confusing Day at The Law Firm”

  1. Well, you know I’m not going anywhere for a while.

  2. Sounds like a sucky week. If you need company drinking away your sorrows, I am but a phone call away. I’m just that kind of friend!

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