Nov 082022

I voted today in my accidentally, horrifically Republican looking Six Flags sweatshirt. When we were walking past all the canvassers who were loitering in front of our polling place, I loudly said, “UGH I HATE THAT THIS SHIRT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A REPUBLICAN” to which Henry mumbled, “ok” in his Calm DownTM tone.

Then I opened the door to the church gymnasium and it slapped back on me while I was walking through and it startled me into a jump, at which point I overcorrected myself while I was in the air and SPRAINED MY BACK. The whole thing happened so fast that I can’t even really understand how it happened at all except that it was somehow Henry’s fault. And I had an AUDIENCE and it was so embarrassing – I hope they weren’t there trolling for OZ, that would have been even worse.

As usual, I didn’t understand what the trick question was at the end of the ballot and I was openly panicking, like not even trying to be discreet about my confusion, so Henry calmly nodded his head as he walked past me after submitting his ballot.


I still have no idea if I answered that correctly.

Then I had to walk by all those people again and I was so UGH about it until I realized that the people coming out of the polling place have a DIRECT VIEW of the pink neon on our carouselfie wall!

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Henry was like, “oh boy.”

Anyway. I hope all my US pals voted today.

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Super nervous about it. :/

My fucking back hurts so bad. But, at least I broke it for DEMOCRACY.

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  2 Responses to “Election Day Back Pain”

  1. That totally sounds like something I would do. We have been on pins and needles all day and I’m super worried about the Oregon governor’s race. But as I am writing this MSNBC just officially projected John Fetterman as the projected winner! Woo hoo!

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