Jul 132013

Chooch hounded us to get his caricature done at the Arts Festival last month but we kept saying no because we didn’t feel like being there any longer. (The Arts Festival always seems like such a grand idea until we get there and then we all get cranky & bored.)

But Henry for some reason was in an OK mood at the Big Butler Fair last week (correction: he was in a good mood after we let him eat) so he gave Chooch the greenlight. Even told the artist to go for the full-body color option. I couldn’t believe it. This was after Henry bought us a vacation, too! (More on that later.) So now I’m left to believe that Henry has a new side gig dealing drugs.


“You want me to draw you as Superman? Batman?” the artist who I immediately developed a crush on asked Chooch.

“A cat,” Chooch answered in his signature “Why are you asking me stupid questions?” tone.

I took the above picture right when this exchange happened and the artist turned around to laugh with us.


Of course he wanted to be a cat. We were cracking up the whole time, and then the OMG SO ADORABLE artist asked Chooch if he could take a picture of him with the finished drawing because he thought he was so funny.


We bought a frame for it today because it’s definitely a keeper. (Plus, it has the signature of my future husband on it.)

  8 Responses to “Chooch the Cat”

  1. I thought you might blog about a flash mob today :). Lol.

  2. I like that he’s about to commit an act of murder. It’s like your future husband just knew.

  3. This is the cutest thing. I’m not surprised at all that he chose a cat. And when you get married, can he draw me as a caricature?

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