Dec 272013

20131226-190824.jpgLately I’ve been feeling OK about our current living situation. I think all the furniture repurposing and purging of “stuff” has really rejuvenated the living room enough for me to feel comfortable about having people over again. Hosting parties was my thang, you guys. And then I just stopped because time (and lack of money) has really worn down my house, and we only rent so there is only so much we can do as far as sprucing goes. Thank god spray paint is so economical.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I wanted to have a small, casual Christmas Eve get-together. I know most people celebrate with family, but I figured maybe there might be some friends looking for something to do. There were a ton of Christmas Eves where I was alone with a cup of Manischevitz and tears. I don’t want anyone to have to be alone!

And I also just wanted an excuse to bring back the Beverage Buffet again because you know how I get obsessed.


We went with a Christmas Sangria and classic spiked egg nog. Turns out, Henry makes some fucking bomb egg nog.


Chooch was pacing all day. “When are people coming over? What time is it now? How much longer?” He’s definitely my kid.


Christmas Crack. I forget what it is, but it was really good.


Corey is probably the only other person as obsessed with the Beverage Buffet as me.




My friend Sean (ex-Law Firm) stopped by with some wheat beer for me, because so far that is the only kind of beer I am sort of able to kind of swallow. This particular kind tasted like an unknown vegetable, but I was able to drink TWO OF THEM back to back, which is how I know I was already drunk. Sangria/egg nog/beer/wine: GREAT FUCKING COMBO, DUMBASS.

Sean brought his friend Lee with him. I thought he looked familiar when he walked into my house, and then he was like, “I met you a few years ago at your roller skating party. I’m the one—”

“WHOSE SKATE BROKE!” I cried, and then laughed because I’m super polite and socially on point. So then that’s how I introduced him to everyone, as the Guy Whose Skate Broke at my birthday party, and he was just like, “This is fucking awesome.”


Lee Whose Skate Broke and Sean.


Sean and Wendy.


Henry’s oldest son Robbie and his girlfriend Stephanie.


Shannon and Blake, who I don’t believe purposely coordinated wardrobes with his brother Robbie.

Evidence that Henry socializes with people!


The Handa’s! I was happy that they were able to stop by because usually our hangouts consist of us covertly waving to them as we pass through their rooms in Castle Blood.


Best Frenemies.


Janna stayed late and we watched Henry wrap presents while I commented every 15 seconds on how drunk I was. It was a really great evening, even though Henry’s weird pumpkin seed dip was a colossal fail. Good job, Henry.

I think it’s time to start having Game Nights again. RIGHT, KARA?

  6 Responses to “A Quick Xmas Eve Recap”

  1. Blake’s lady-friend is preeeeetttyyyy! Man do I wish I lived closer so I could come to these gatherings.

  2. I like all the good juju that you’re bringing into the house. It’s making happy memories and turning your house into a place where friends can go to celebrate. It sounds small but it’s actually pretty huge.

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