Jun 122014

At one of my old jobs, I worked 4pm to midnight and listened to music there constantly. Sometimes, because of the nature of my job, I would get into a zone and even though the music was always playing, I wasn’t necessarily hearing it. But I will never forget this one night in 2008 when this particular Further Seems Forever song came on, and even though I had heard it a million times, I REALLY HEARD it that night and started crying immediately. (I cry a lot, I guess.)

I heard it for the first time in years last week at work and honestly felt like I had been bitch-slapped by feelings. I love it but I hate it!

I know it’s blasphemous to speak/type such words, but this was my favorite Further Seems Forever line-up. Yes, I liked Jason Gleason better than Chris Carrabba, OMG. Anyway, this is a really pretty song, with no screaming or Jonny Craig, so perhaps you might like it. LISTEN TO IT, WON’T YOU?

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