Jul 282014



If you’ve been to our house at all this summer, chances are, Chooch was shirtless. He’s about to learn the hard way what those “no shirt, no service” signs mean, I guess.



Me: Pretend like you’re an angel.
Chooch (& me): PAHAHAHAHAHA.












For someone who acts like having his picture taken is the equivalent of needles in the eye and Iggy Azalea in the ears, he sure has a hard time NOT SMILING when I tell him DON’T SMILE. You should see all the twisted lips in the pictures I didn’t use.

And for someone who didn’t want “gold shit” on his lips, he still has it on an hour later. So…..

  3 Responses to “Golden Pout”

  1. Chooch has really crazy awesome eyes.

  2. This is like asking for pedophile comments. And now that I’ve made that comment, I have to that his eyes look an incredible green in the 3rd picture from the top. (please don’t block me from future comments)

  3. These are beautiful! Especially number three. The dead-on angle, his expression, and the pretty color of his eyes. Very well done.

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