May 9

Some Things I Want to Be Remembering About the Used Show

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The Used, with Space Pimps and Maison at Club Zoo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

  • The first opening band, Maison, was already playing by the time Alisha and I got dropped off by Henry, who was kind enough to leave his second job early to enable me to get to go in the first place. I made him drop us off around the corner, and then he repeatedly beeped the horn just as two scene girls walked by. Thanks, Dad. That was fantastic. Maison mainly did covers and for someone who acted unenthused by them, Alisha sure was pushy about finding a spot where she could see them.
  • I totally had a crush on some flannel guy.


  • The second opening band, Spacepimps, are apparently Pittsburgh’s darlings, but I wasn’t impressed. They were homogenous, early 2000’s-sounding pop punk, but for some reason, they kept the crowd rapt. I think that’s a good testament for this city and how ridiculously behind it is with music trends.
    • But then they briefly trash-talked the Washington Capitals so I was like, “OMG I love them, Alisha!”
      • And then they won over Alisha with their charming cover of “Wannabe” by Spice Girls.
  • The crowd was a decent goulash of ages, very few scene kids and a lot of older fans. Alisha and I were glad for that. Alisha was especially glad for the tiny girl swimming in an oversized ICP baseball jersey who kept walking past us. “I feel like she should be in bed,” Alisha said, because of the nightgown-esque length of her shirt. “In bed in 1998,” I added and Alisha laughed really hard because I’m so funny and she can barely stand it most of the time. Then some half-nude sweaty guy rubbed his glandular juice all over Alisha’s bare arm as he brushed past her (and by “brushed past,” I mean that if they were naked there’s a good chance she might be pregnant right now).


  • There were only three people in the entire crowd I hated. They perched needlessly on top of the small gate protecting the sound area, making it impossible for the rest of us to see. Then the sound guy yelled at them brusquely and I loved him for that. Besides, we didn’t want to have to fight our way any closer than where we were, because we are old and have brittle bones. I mean, I hate my nose and all, but I’m not sure how far I’m willing to go to change it. And my luck, having it broken would make me look like Mask.
  • cunts1

  • Alisha, i.e Starving Ethiopian at the Used Show, was covertly popping Cheezits in her mouth at one point. I swear to god, her eyes were darting around all furtively, like she was going to be asked by some stranger to share. Alisha, they’re crackers, not ‘shrooms.
  • The Used came out around 9 and completely blew the place up with “Take It Away.” It was so good to see a band that I have loved for a long time, without being too emotionally wrapped up in them. I was able to just have fun and not cry for once. Plus, it was awesome when they did “Liar, Liar” in light of recent ex-best friend events. (We were still talking when I had found out The Used were coming, and she threw one of her signature psychopathic fits of jealousy because oh my God, how could I consider going to the show with anyone but HER. This is just one of the things I dealt with from her for the past six years.)


Set List:

Take It Away

Bird and the Worm

Liar Liar


Blood on My Hands

I Caught Fire <3333!

Taste of Ink

All That I’ve Got

Buried Myself Alive


Handsome Awkward

Box Full of Sharp Objects*

  • Speaking of setlists! After the show, the sound guy gave Alisha his copy of the setlist for no reason other than he knew she would give it to me. He probably overheard me boasting of the chest tattoo that I’m considering, which will say, “I’m the breast best” and no doubt he became enamored of me then.


What a great show. A short show, but great nonetheless. It’s a good time every time I’ve seen them. I love the Used.


*My absolute fave! Although, funny story: Around the time their first album came out, I had that song on a mixed CD in the car. This one afternoon, Henry and I went out for a drive when suddenly I became overwrought with nausea. Turned out that I was pregnant (not with Chooch) and instead of becoming averse to certain foods, I became physically opposed to every song on that mixed CD and even after I wasn’t pregnant anymore, it took me a long time to be able to listen to anything other than soft rock because of the bass. TMI? Maybe. But you should know that about me by now.


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  1. Francesco May 9th, 2009 11:09 am

    sexy flannel guy looks sexy from sexy angle

  2. Dyanna May 9th, 2009 3:03 pm

    I think I told you about the issues I have with the space pimps. But the one guy is the door guy at mad mex and doesn’t check my ID and sometimes seats us before other people. He’s the only one I can deal with. But they play like once a year and almost always its a sold out show. Its weird.

  3. scintillated May 12th, 2009 6:02 pm

    Awesome!!! =D

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