Oct 052009


I wish Chooch wore a different flannel every day. I love boys in flannel! Henry doesn’t wear flannel. But if he did, it would probably be stupid and baggy, not fitted and scene.

Henry sucks.

  10 Responses to “October Chooch”

  1. I love the faces he makes… he looks like he’s going to smack the camera out of your hands at any minute in that last one!!

    • He’s really turning into a camera ham! I noticed lately he’s more wiling to follow directions though when I want to take his picture and he’s always trying to put on the animal masks, haha.

  2. Hehe. Love that last one. What a little attitude. =D

  3. I totally dressed my little boys in flannel when they were little and let me pick their clothes.Chooch is so cute!

  4. This kid is so freaking awesome it’s unreal. I like the first picture especially because you know he’s up to way more trouble with speck than it looks.

  5. That ice cream looks delish. You don”t pick out Henry’s clothes for him?

    • Henry’s style is the one thing I have absolutely no control over and it drives me NUTS. Blake and I are always trying to make him over. I even tried to get Henry’s mom involved, but she said, “Well, I just want him to be comfortable.” TRAITER!!

  6. he probably wore them in the civil war.

  7. I love this shirt! Is this another one from Old Navy?

    And the last picture, so awesome. That little frowny face!!

    You take a damn good picture!!

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